Hidden races (Marvel Comics)

The Earth of Marvel Comics' main continuity has contained a number of fictional hidden native humanoid races.


Many of these races are a genetic offshoot of the Homo sapiens or a related Ancestor. However, there are also some races that were actually created from the many animals or other lifeforms on earth. The methods to create these beings vary from science to magic and their creators from Aliens or Humans to Demons. A list of these races includes:

Major races


The Deviants are the enemies of the Eternals and creations of the Celestials. They are the creators of the Subterraneans.


The Eternals are the enemies of the Deviants and servants of the Celestials. They also created the Evolutionaries.


The Evolutionaries are beings created from the Ape-Man by the Eternals to safeguard other species evolutionary path.

Homo mermanus

The Homo mermanus are a race of aquatic humanoids of unknown origins.


The Atlanteans are a race of people that come from Atlantis.


The Lemurians are a race of beings that come from Lemuria.


The Inhumans are a superhuman race created by the Kree as a way to restart their own evolution and to create weapons against the Skrull.

Alpha Primitives

The Alpha Primitives are a slave race created from humans by the Inhumans using the Xerogen Crystals' gas.

Bird People

The Bird-People are a genetic offshoot of the Inhumans with bird wings and in some cases bat wings.


The Mutants are an evolving superhuman race sometimes termed "Homo superior."

Changeling (Mutant version)

The Changelings are a sub-class of Mutants that possess their powers since birth.


The Cheyarafim are a group of "angelic" Mutants and enemies of the Neyaphem.


The Externals are a group of immortal Mutants with God-like powers.


The Lupine are a possible subspecies of Mutants that evolved from canines also known as the "Dominant Species."


The Morlocks are a genetically altered offshoots of Mutants who live in the underground.


The Neo are a subspecies of Mutants with superior power and Physical abilities.


The Neyaphem are a group of "demonic" Mutants and enemies of the Cheyarafim.

Savage Land Races

The Savage Land Races are the different races and tribes of Beast Men living in the Savage Land.


The Subterraneans are a race of creatures that live in Subterranea.

Deviant Mutates

The Deviants Mutates are mutated or deformed members of the Deviants.


The Ghouls are a subterranean race of unknown origins.


The Gortokians are a race of Subterraneans.
The Lava Men are a race of lava-based beings.

Lizard Men of Subterranea

The Lizard Men of Subterranea are a race of Lizard Men that live in Subterranea.


The Molans are a race of Subterraneans created by the Deviants.


The Moloids are a race of subterraneans created by the Deviants that are often seen working for Mole Man.


The Tyrannoids are an offshoot of the Moloids that work for Tyrannus.


The Vampires are a race of bloodsucking entities with many types and origins.


The Warpies are a race of mutated and unstable beings created by the reality manipulations of Mad Jim Jaspers.


The Werewolves are a race of shapeshifting creatures that transform into wolf-like creatures under the full moon with some of them being magical in nature while others "scientific".


The Zombies are a race of 'the undead' with many types and origins going from magical to artificial.

Other races

Bird-Men of Akah Ma'at

The Bird-Men of Akah Ma'at are humanoid beings with bird wings from the Hyborian Age and enemies of Ur-Xanarrh. They were created by Oshtur.

Cat People

The Cat People are a species of humanoid cats created with magic and are apparently now extinct on Earth.

Changelings (Woodgod's version)

The Changelings are human-animal hybrids created by a being named Woodgod using genetic engineering.

Children of the Sun

The Children of the Sun are humanoid beings created by Ex Nihilo.

Children of the Vault

The Children of the Vault are a group of superhuman beings that evolved from baseline Humanity and separated from Mutants.


The Descendants are humanoid cybernetic sapient beings created by science and the magic of the Orb of Necromancy.

Fish People

The Fish People are an offshoot of humanity that lived and breathe under water.


The Infra-Worlders are humans that "evolved" to live and withstand the pressure beneath the ocean.

Man-Bats of Ur-Xanarrh

The Man-Bats of Ur-Xanarrh are humanoid beings with bat wings from the Hyborian Age and enemies of Akah Ma'at. They were created by Chthon.


The Man-Serpents are a race of beings with serpent bodies and human heads created by Set. They are related to the Serpent Men.


The Netherworlders are a humanoid race from the Netherworld a city beneath the earth with ties to Atlantis and Lemuria.

New Men

The New Men are a race of mutated and evolved animals created by the High Evolutionary.

Outcasts (Gamma version)

The Outcasts are a group of beings who became susceptible to Bruce Banner's gamma radiation.

Outcasts (Subterranean version)

The Outcasts are groups of beings who were granted powers by the Mole Man.


The Sasquatch is a legendary race known as Bigfoot.


The Saur-Lords are a group of genetically altered dinosaurs created by the High Technician.

Seal People

The Seal People are a race of humanoid seals and enemies of Atlantis.

Shark Men

The Shark Men are a race of humanoid sharks that live in the oceans of the world.

Serpent Men

The Serpent Men are a race of humanoid reptilians created by the demon Set. They are related to the Man-Serpents.


The Spider-People are a race of humanoid beings with spider characteristics. They are children of Omm who is the son of Gaea.


The Stygians is a southern race of rock giants, monster creatures, magic sorcerers and dark sorcerers from Hyboria.

Troglodytes of Britain

The Troglodytes of Britain are group of underground dwellers that are apparently an evolutionary throwback.

Wolf-Men of Valusia

The Wolf-Men of Valusia are a race of lupine shapechangers similar to [|werewolves] created by the demon Chthon. While the Wolf Men of Valusia are vulnerable to silver like the werewolves, they can change between their human and Wolf-Men forms without the aid of the full moon.


Yeti are fur-covered humanoid beings living in the Himalaya Mountains and familiarly known as "Abominable Snowmen." There are three known varieties of Yeti:
The Cold People' are a race of creatures living high in the Himalayas that are often mistaken for Yeti because they have a similar appearance.