List of best-selling comic series

This page provides lists of best-selling comic book series to date. It includes Japanese manga, American comic books, and European comics. The series are listed according to the highest sales estimates as reported in reliable sources.
This list includes comic books that have sold at least 100million copies. There are three separate lists, for three different comic book publication formats: collected comic book volumes, periodical single-issue floppy comics, and comic magazines. They are separated because the sales figures of these publication formats are not directly comparable.

Collected comic book volumes

This list is for comics printed in a traditional book format, typically with a similar number of pages as novels. The list includes graphic novels printed exclusively in this format, and trade paperback/hardcover books which compile periodical comic chapters/issues into larger collected volumes. Japanese manga tankōbon volumes and European comic albums account for the vast majority of collected comic book volume sales. American trade paperbacks and graphic novels are also included in the list.
These comic series were originally serialized either as chapters in comic publications or as single-page comic strips in non-comic publications, before being collected into a larger comic book volume. For comic series originally serialized as chapters in comic magazines or manga magazines, their estimated circulation figures in those magazines are given in footnotes.
Denotes comic series currently running

Comic seriesCreatorPublisherNo. of collected
SerializedApproximate sales
One PieceEiichiro OdaShueisha96Weekly Shōnen Jump
1997 – present
470 million
AsterixRené Goscinny
Albert Uderzo
Jean-Yves Ferri
DargaudFranco-Belgian comics
1959 – present
PeanutsCharles M. Schulz1950 – 2000300million
Lucky LukeMorris, René GoscinnyDupuis
Lucky Comics
1946 – present300million
Dragon BallAkira ToriyamaShueisha42Weekly Shōnen Jump
1984 – 1995
250300 million+
Golgo 13Takao SaitoShogakukan182Big Comic
1968 – present
280 million
NarutoMasashi KishimotoShueisha72Weekly Shōnen Jump
1999 – 2014
Case ClosedGosho AoyamaShogakukan95Weekly Shōnen Sunday
1994 – present
The Adventures of TintinHergéCasterman
Le Lombard
Egmont Group
241929 – 1976200million
Spike and SuzyWilly VandersteenStandaard Uitgeverij3401945 – present200million
Black JackOsamu TezukaAkita Shoten25Weekly Shōnen Champion
KochiKameOsamu AkimotoShueisha200Weekly Shōnen Jump
1976 – 2016
DiabolikAngela Giussani
Luciana Giussani
Astorina862Italian comics
1962 – present
GarfieldJim Davis1978 – present135 million
OishinboTetsu Kariya
Akira Hanasaki
Shogakukan111Big Comic Spirits
1983 – present
130 million
BleachTite KuboShueisha74Weekly Shōnen Jump
120 million
Slam DunkTakehiko InoueShueisha31Weekly Shōnen Jump
1990 – 1996
120 million
Amar Chitra KathaAmar Chitra Katha Pvt. Ltd.4491967 – present100 million
Astro BoyOsamu TezukaKobunsha23Shōnen
1952 – 1968
100 million
Attack on TitanHajime IsayamaKodansha30Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine
2009 – present
100 million
Casper the Friendly GhostSeymour Reit and Joe OrioloHarvey Comics1949 – present100 million
DoraemonFujiko FujioShogakukan451969 – 1996100 million
Fist of the North StarBuronson and Tetsuo HaraShueisha27Weekly Shōnen Jump
1983 – 1988
100 million
JoJo's Bizarre AdventureHirohiko ArakiShueisha122Weekly Shōnen Jump
1987 – present
100 million
TouchMitsuru AdachiShogakukan26Weekly Shōnen Sunday
1981 – 1986
100 million

Periodical single-issue floppy comics

This list is for single-issue floppy comics, also known as the American comic book format. Unlike the paperback book format, floppy comics are thinner periodicals and stapled together. Each floppy comic issue is typically 20-40 pages, and usually consists of a single chapter. A floppy comic is comparable to a comic magazine, but is thinner in size and is dedicated to a single character or group of characters.
Single-issue floppy comics are the most common publication format for American comics, and account for the vast majority of American superhero comic sales. This list also contains periodical publications from other countries that are similarly dedicated to a single character or group of characters. Some of the numbers reported here may also include sales of trade paperback volumes, which account for a small portion of American comic sales.
Comic seriesCreatorPublisherNo. of issuesSerializedApproximate sales
SupermanJerry Siegel
Joe Shuster
DC Comics15,0001938 – present600million
BatmanBob Kane
Bill Finger
DC comics17,0001939 – present484million
Spider-ManStan Lee
Steve Ditko
Marvel13,0001963 – present385million
X-MenStan Lee
Jack Kirby
Marvel11,0001963 – present270million
Captain AmericaJoe Simon
Jack Kirby
Marvel9,0001941 – present210million
AvengersStan Lee
Jack Kirby
Marvel6,0001963 – present172million
DiabolikAngela Giussani
Luciana Giussani
Astorina8621962 – present150million
SpawnTodd McFarlaneImage Comics6001992 – present150million
The PhantomLee FalkFrew Publications3,0001936 – present150million

Comic magazines

This list is for comic magazines, which are anthology magazines that serialize multiple different unrelated comic series. This list includes Japanese manga magazines, European comic magazines, and English-language comic magazines.
In Japan, manga magazines account for the vast majority of manga sales. Most manga series first appear in manga magazines, before later being sold separately as collected tankobon volumes.
Comic magazinePublisherCountryNo. of issuesSerializedApproximate sales
Weekly Shōnen JumpShueishaJapan2,4061968 – present7.5billion
Weekly Shōnen MagazineKodanshaJapan2,9421959 – present5.2billion
Weekly Young JumpShueishaJapan1,7651979 – present2.2billion
Weekly Shōnen SundayShogakukanJapan2,8051959 – present1.9billion
Weekly Young MagazineKodanshaJapan1980 – present1.8billion
Micky MausEgmont EhapaGermany3,1691951 – present1billion
The BeanoDC ThomsonUnited Kingdom3,9601938 – present1 billion
Classics IllustratedElliot Publishing Co.
Gilberton Company, Inc.
Frawley Corporation
United States1691941 – 19711 billion
RibonShueishaJapan6941955 – present594million
MAD MagazineEC Comics, DC ComicsUnited States5571952 – present430 million
CoroCoro ComicShogakukanJapan4801977 – present407million
NakayoshiKodanshaJapan1954 – present400million
Monthly Shōnen JumpShueishaJapan3171970 – present215million
Action ComicsDC ComicsUnited States1,0001938 – present188million
PiloteDargaudFrance4201959 – 1989117million