International Socialist Alternative

International Socialist Alternative is an international association of Trotskyist political parties.
The group was formerly known as the Committee for a Workers' International. As a result of a split in August 2019, in which a faction declared themselves the "refounded CWI", the remaining sections, after initially calling themselves the CWI Majority, renamed themselves International Socialist Alternative at their World Congress in February 2020.


A dispute broke out in the CWI in 2018 concerning what the CWI leadership described as a watering down
of the Socialist Programme of its Irish section and the tendency of its leaders to see "all struggles through the prism of the women’s movement, rather than seeing how it interconnects with other struggles". The Irish Section at the time had 3 TDs, although they lost one of them in the January 2020 election, and another left the Party during the course of the dispute.
In 2019, the CWI split four ways. The leading body of the CWI is the World Congress, which elected an International Executive Committee to govern between congresses. The IEC then appointed an International Secretariat which is responsible for the day-to-day work of the International. The majority of the IS founded a faction called “In Defence of a Working Class and Trotskyist CWI” in November 2018 at an IEC meeting, in opposition to the rest of the IEC. This faction held criticisms of a number of national sections of the CWI. The majority of the IEC disagreed with the faction's criticisms, and took issue with the methods used by faction members to conduct the debate, which included talk of expelling one of the sections the faction was criticising.
The majority of the Spanish, Venezuelan, Mexican, and Portuguese sections, the first three of which had joined the CWI in 2017 after leaving the International Marxist Tendency, initially supported the IS faction but in April 2019 split with them and then left the CWI altogether to form their own international tendency, International Revolutionary Left. In Spain, a minority which supported the CWI Majority reconstituted themselves as Socialismo Revolucionario, which has been the CWI's section in Spain prior to its 2017 merger with Izquierda Revolucionaria. A minority in Mexico and Portugal also remained in the CWI and supported the CWI Majority.
The faction's leadership was concentrated in the Socialist Party, which was the largest section of the CWI, as a number of members served on both the leading body of the England & Wales section and on the IS, including its general secretary, Peter Taaffe. The faction attracted support from an overall minority of the CWI's national sections. Most of the IEC, and most of the CWI's national sections, stood in opposition to the faction. But both the Faction, and its opponents claimed a majority of the individual members.
The IEC outlined a process of discussion and debate to avoid a split, leading to a World Congress in January 2020, the highest decision-making body of the CWI. The Taaffe-led IS faction initially agreed, then withdrew their participation from the committee charged with organizing the debate, and declared they would not participate in the IEC or the World Congress. A Special Conference of the Socialist Party of England and Wales voted by a margin of 173 - 35 to support the Faction and sponsor the International Faction conference. This conference was held in July 2019, open only to CWI members who supported the faction, and asserted that they had 'dissolved and refounded' the CWI. The majority of the CWI continued operating and held an IEC meeting in August 2019, and declared they will "provisionally organize the renewed international organization with the name “CWI – Majority”.".
In September 2019, a minority faction of the South African section, the Workers and Socialist Party, left the CWI and formed the Marxist Workers Party in support of the Refounded CWI. The remainder of the WASP declared itself for the CWI Majority. The same month, a majority of the German section voted by a 2 to 1 margin to support the CWI Majority. The minority faction formed a new organisation, Sozialistische Organisation Solidarität - , supporting the Refounded CWI.
In June 2020 a group of members of the DSM announced that they were leaving the CWI to form the Movement for a Socialist Alternative, affiliated to ISA.
The CWI Majority had a presence in 35 countries, making up the majority of the CWI. The Refounded CWI claims to have sections in 11 countries.
At the CWI Majority World Congress on 1 February 2020, the name of the organisation was changed to International Socialist Alternative.
The CWI has published most of the key documents arising from the dispute on its website..



AustraliaSocialist Action
AustriaSozialistische LinksPartei
BelgiumLinkse Socialistische Partij / Parti Socialiste de Lutte
BrazilLiberdade, Socialismo e Revolução
CanadaSocialist Alternative
Zhōngguó Láogōng Lùntán
China Worker Forum
CyprusΝέα Διεθνιστική Αριστερά / Yeni Enternasyonalist Sol Nea Diethnistike Aristera
New Internationalist Left
Czech RepublicSocialistická alternativa Budoucnost
Socialist Alternative Future
Great BritainSocialist Alternative
GermanySozialistische Alternative
GreeceΞεκίνημα Xekinima
Hong Kong社會主義行動
Sewuizyuji Haangdung
Socialist Action
IndonesiaSocialis Action
IrelandSocialist Party / Páirtí Sóisialach
Israel/PalestineResistenze Internazionali International Resistance
Ivory CoastMilitant Côte d'Ivoire
MexicoAternativa Socialista México
NetherlandsSocialistisch Alternatief
NigeriaMovement for a Socialist Alternative
PolandAlternatywa Socjalistyczna
QuebecAlternative socialiste
RomaniaMâna de Lucru
Hand of Labour
RussiaСоциалистическая Альтернатива
Socialisticheskaya Alternativa
South AfricaWorkers and Socialist Party
SpainSocialismo Revolucionario
Sudanالبديل الاشتراكي
al-Badil al-Ishtiraki
Socialist Alternative
SwedenRättvisepartiet Socialisterna
Socialist Justice Party
Guójì Shèhuì Zhǔyì Qiánjìn International
Socialist Forward
Tunisiaالبديل الاشتراكي
al-Badil al-Ishtiraki
Socialist Alternative
TurkeySosyalist Alternatif
United StatesSocialist Alternative

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