Georgina Amorós

Georgina Amorós is a Spanish actress known for her television work on series including Elite, Welcome to the Family and Locked Up. She is also known for promoting causes through social media and at events. She will be in the 2020 film Rifkin's Festival, marking her first fully English-speaking role.

Early and personal life

Amorós was born in Barcelona, in Catalonia. She speaks fluent Catalan, Spanish, and French, as well as English, and says that she "could not live" without the sea and the coast. She is a feminist and campaigns against LGBT+ discrimination, and created the campaign 'Por Un Solo Voto', encouraging young people in Spain to use their vote; campaign videos have featured her various co-stars. In 2019, she received death threats on Twitter because of her character on Elite, and deleted her account.


Amorós has said that she began acting as a child in small productions, and had to be dragged away at the end because she enjoyed it so much. When she was 17, she moved to Los Angeles, United States, to study acting. Since 2017 she has worked on several Netflix series, including Welcome to the Family, not a Netflix original, where she had her first leading role as Àlex. Her character's season 2 story was teased in a video by Catalan network TV3 calling it an "amorous plot". Of her works, she has said that she is the most proud of Welcome to the Family, her only Catalan-language work, because of how much she learnt. She also starred in prison drama Locked Up in its final season, playing Fatima Amir, the daughter of Najwa Nimri's character.
In 2019 she joined the cast of Netflix original Elite, playing Cayetana, the school cleaner's daughter who is also on a scholarship there. The character, who is a social media influencer, explores how people aren't always what they appear like online ; Amorós says that her character is "apparently happy but has a lot of levels". The media compares Cayetana with Amorós herself, noting that the actress shares unflattering photos on Instagram and uses her popularity to promote causes. Also in 2019, she was cast in the Woody Allen film Rifkin's Festival, to be released in 2020, an opportunity she was excited about after having seen Vicky Cristina Barcelona and knowing that the Hollywood director had been in her hometown, Barcelona. In this film, she acts in English.