United States Secretary of Energy

The United States secretary of energy is the head of the United States Department of Energy, a member of the Cabinet of the United States, and fifteenth in the presidential line of succession. The position was formed on October 1, 1977 with the creation of the Department of Energy when President Jimmy Carter signed the Department of Energy Organization Act. Originally the post focused on energy production and regulation. The emphasis soon shifted to developing technology for better and more efficient energy sources as well as energy education. After the end of the Cold War, the department's attention also turned toward radioactive waste disposal and maintenance of environmental quality. The current secretary of energy is Dan Brouillette.
Former secretary of defense James Schlesinger was the first secretary of energy, who was a Republican nominated to the post by Democratic president Jimmy Carter, the only time a president has appointed someone of another party to the post. Schlesinger is also the only secretary to be dismissed from the post. Hazel O'Leary, Bill Clinton's first secretary of energy, was the first female and African-American holder. The first Hispanic to serve as Energy Secretary was Clinton's second, Federico Peña. Spencer Abraham became the first Arab American to hold the position on January 20, 2001, serving under the administration of George W. Bush. Steven Chu became the first Asian American to hold the position on January 20, 2009, serving under the administration of Barack Obama. He is also the longest-serving secretary of energy and the first individual to join the Cabinet having received a Nobel Prize.

List of secretaries of energy

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Living former secretaries of energy

As of, there are ten living former secretaries of energy, the oldest being Charles Duncan Jr.. The most recent secretary of energy to die was Samuel Bodman on September 7, 2018.
NameTermDate of birth
Charles Duncan Jr.1979–1981
Donald Hodel1982–1985
John S. Herrington1985–1989
Hazel O'Leary1993–1997
Federico Peña1997–1998
Bill Richardson1998–2001
Spencer Abraham2001–2005
Steven Chu2009–2013
Ernest Moniz2013–2017
Rick Perry2017–2019