The Word (TV series)

The Word was a 1990s Channel 4 television programme in the United Kingdom. which took its name from the regular column covering up and coming Manchester bands in the Manchester Evening News written by Terry Christian.


Its presenters included Mancunian award winning specialist music radio presenter and journalist Terry Christian, comedian Mark Lamarr, Dani Behr, Katie Puckrik, Jasmine Dotiwala, Alan Connor, Amanda de Cadenet and Huffty. Originally broadcast in the old Tube time slot of 6 pm Friday evenings, The Word's main live show was shifted to a late-night timeslot from 9 November 1990. The magazine format allowed for interviews, live music, features and even game shows. The flexible late-night format meant that guests could do just about anything to be controversial.
There was also an 'I'll do anything to be on television' section called "The Hopefuls" which ran for half of series 4 and half of series 5 in which people did generally repulsive things in order to get featured on the programme.


The show was the brainchild of Charlie Parsons and Terry Christian and was originally produced for series 1 and 2 by the production company 24 Hour Productions, which later became Planet 24.
Paul Ross was the series editor on series 3 and 4, and became executive producer for series 5. Jo Whiley worked as a researcher–band booker on series 2 and half of series 3 and is credited as having given Nirvana their historic and notorious first TV appearance.
The programme ran for five series from 1990 to 1995. From the start, there was considerable tabloid backlash against the show. In mid 2000, Channel 4 screened a short-running compilation series titled "Best of The Word", which mostly featured music performances and was presented by award winning Mancunian specialist music radio presenter Terry Christian.
Tango sponsored the show in 1994.

Notable moments