Telewizja Polska

Telewizja Polska S.A. is a Polish state media corporation. It is the largest Polish television network. About a third of TVP's income comes from a broadcast receiver licence and the largest television network in Poland. About a third of TVP's income comes from a broadcast receiver licence, while the rest is covered by government subsidies, commercials and sponsorships.

Timeline of Polish TV service

Bolded channels are accessible in Poland via DVB-T. TVP HD and TVP Seriale are pay television. TVP Polonia, TVP Info and TVP Historia are also available on DVB-T in Lithuania.

General and regional channels

ChannelTotal viewing
TVP Info2.61%
TVP Seriale1.14%
TVP Polonia0.68%
TVP Rozrywka0.48%
TVP Historia0.45%
TVP Kultura0.41%
TVP HD0.37%
:de:Telewizja Polska#Tests in DVB-T auf MUX-8|TVP40.00%
:de:Telewizja Polska#Tests in DVB-T auf MUX-8|TVP60.00%
TVP Sport0.29%
TVP Parlament0.09%
Poland In0.01%

In the late 2010s, TVP has been criticized for becoming unduly biased towards the ruling Law and Justice party. In 2018, The Economist noted: "the anchors... praise PiS slavishly while branding its critics treacherous crypto-communists.
The press freedom organisation Reporters Without Borders wrote in its 2019 assessment of Polish press freedom that "many blamed state-owned TV broadcaster TVP’s 'hate propaganda' for Gdansk mayor Pawel Adamowicz's murder in January 2019."
TVP was heavily criticised in the run-up to the 2020 Polish presidential election, being described as the "mouthpiece" of the government and as "peddl government hate speech" by the organisation Reporters Without Borders.

International cooperation

TVP has an agreement with the BBC, under which they will work together on film and television productions.
The French-German TV liberal arts network ARTE cancelled a 15-year cooperation with TVP, when it learned in February 2009 that TVP's general director, Piotr Farfał, was a member of the League of Polish Families, which opposed Arte’s "philosophy based on intercultural exchange" and "the party that TVP's chairman is presently connected with does not share European values". It was again cancelled in January 2016 after an amendment of the media law in Poland, which caused fears of a lack of pluralism and independence of TVP.

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