Service (album)

Service was the seventh and, at the time, final studio album by Yellow Magic Orchestra. The band dissolved the following year after a world tour, but would later reform in 1993 for a one-off reunion album, Technodon. Like ×∞Multiplies, it contains a mixture of YMO songs and comedy sketches performed by Super Eccentric Theater, or S.E.T. The first Dutch/German edition of the album omitted the sketches, effectively cutting the album's length in half. In 1999, the album was remastered under Hosono's supervision with new liner notes provided by lyricist Peter Barakan.
Service features "You've Got to Help Yourself", which was previously featured in instrumental form on the previous album, Naughty Boys Instrumental. The 2nd "S.E.T." track featured a sample of Casiopea's song "Time Limit". "以心電信" more accurately transliterates to "Telegraph from the heart".

Track listing


;Yellow Magic Orchestra - Arrangements, Electronics, Mixing engineers, Producers
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;:ja:劇団スーパー・エキセントリック・シアター|Super Eccentric Theater