Point of View (company)

Point of View, Inc. was a privately held developer of video games headquartered in Irvine, California. The company was dissolved in 2010.
The company's titles include the remake of N.A.R.C., Nascar 06, and the remake of Spy Hunter. They have also made a game based on the hit television series The Shield.
Many of the company's employees previously worked at studios such as Interplay and Troika Games.
The studio employed 30 developers in 2009, and worked on Damnation and TNA Wrestling for the Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.
In 2010, after a tumultuous relationship with partner Blue Omega Entertainment, and UK based publisher Codemasters, the company went out of business citing "financial difficulties" and lack of work.


Point of View, Inc. was founded in February 1996 by three game industry veterans. The leaders of the company are founders Chris Warner Mark Nausha and Mike Terlecki.

Games developed

Point of View has developed titles stretching from the Dreamcast Game console to the next-gen platforms. In 11 years the company has released 32 game titles with many of the game industries most successful publishing houses, including Electronic Arts, Namco, Midway Games, Crave Entertainment, and MGA Entertainment. Below is a list of games the company has developed.