Omar Ayuso

Omar Ayuso is a Spanish actor. He is best known for his role as Omar Shanaa on the television series Elite.

Early life and education

Ayuso was born in Madrid on 26 March 1998 and raised in Manzanares el Real. After seeing Bad Education as a child, he became interested in becoming an actor or filmmaker. Ayuso studies audiovisual communication at the Charles III University of Madrid.


In 2018, Omar was cast in the Spanish web television series Elite as Omar Shanaa, a closeted gay Muslim who develops a relationship with Ander Muñoz who is played by Arón Piper. In preparation for the role, worked for two months with director Ramón Salazar to absorb his character's role.
In 2019, Ayuso starred in three short films including Maras’ de Salvador Calvo and Ráfagas de vida salvaje by Jorge Cantos and Disseminare by Jools Beardon.
In January 2020, Ayuso was featured in the music video of "Juro Que" by singer songwriter Rosalía.
Ayuso plays the character, David, in the upcoming film, 8 Años, a gay drama where he reflects on an eight-year relationship.

Public image

Ayuso and Piper's onscreen relationship, coined "Omander", and offscreen friendship has generated a global following., he had over four million followers on social media. The role has boosted LGBT visibility although Ayuso resists the notion that he serves as a role model. As a gay man, Ayuso has been the subject of homophobic commentary. He believes the widespread support for his onscreen relationship with Piper is due to it being easier for homophobic people to accept gays in fiction rather than in real life.
Ayuso has had a transgressive image which includes provocative fashion choices in public appearances and social media posts.

Personal life

In 2019, Ayuso moved into an apartment in downtown Madrid. He has a tattoo of a flame and an eye on his hand inspired by artist. Ayuso is gay. He has stated in interviews that he is proud of his generation's social progress on topics including feminism, LGBT rights, and efforts against racism.
Ayuso cites singer Alaska as one of his idols.
, Ayuso is in a relationship with artist Alonso Díaz.



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