Welsh National League (Wrexham Area)

The Welsh National League was a football league in Wales and operated at level 3 and 4 of the Welsh football league system in Flintshire and Wrexham County Borough, but with some teams from Denbighshire and Gwynedd. For sponsorship purposes it was last known as the Guy Walmsley & Co Welsh National League.


The League grew out of the Wrexham and District League which ran during the early years of the twentieth century. At that time the senior clubs in the Wrexham area played in English leagues such as The Combination and the Birmingham & District League. Their reserve sides, along with local amateur teams, contested the Wrexham and District League. The Wrexham and District League folded in 1912 and its clubs joined the North Wales Alliance League.
In the inter-war years, the new Welsh National League with its various sections was organised. Clubs from the Wrexham area, and the rest of North Wales, joined the Welsh National League Northern Section which ran from 1921–1930.
Teams from the Wrexham Area competed in the Wrexham and District League.
After World War II they re-organised as the Welsh National League.
At the end of the 2019–20 season the league folded as part of the reorganisation on the Welsh football pyramid, with the Football Association of Wales taking over running tier 3 leagues and local football associations tier 4.

Member clubs for the final 2019–20 season

Divisional Champions

The league has undergone various restructures in its history, with the number of divisions and their names changing.
For its first season the league had just one division, the Senior Division.
SeasonSenior Division
1945–46Llay United

In 1946 two regional divisions were introduced below the Senior Division.
SeasonSenior DivisionEast DivisionWest Division
1946–47Wrexham 'A'Rhostyllyn Sports ClubGresford Athletic
1947–48Chirk AAARhostyllen/Bersham BLCoedpoeth
1948–49Johnstown UnitedOverton St Mary'sCoedpoeth

In 1949 the regionalised divisions were merged and the resulting three divisions renamed Divisions One, Two and Three.
SeasonDivision OneDivision TwoDivision Three
1949–50Chirk AAARuabon AthleticNew Boughton
1950–51Druids UnitedPenycaeRubery Owen Rockwell
1951–52Chirk AAAHolt NomadsRoyal Pioneer Corps
1952–53Overton St Mary'sLlangollen TownBradley Rangers

In 1953–54 Division Three was not contested due to a lack of clubs.
SeasonDivision OneDivision Two
1953–54Overton St Mary'sBradley Rangers

In 1954 Division Three was revived.
SeasonDivision OneDivision TwoDivision Three
1954–55WelshpoolGresford CollieryBradley Rangers Reserves
1955–56Buckley WanderersHolt NomadsTanyfron Youth Club
1956–57WelshpoolRubery Owen RockwellPonciau Youth Club
1957–58Brymbo SteelworksRoyal Pioneer CorpsMarshalls Sports Club
1958–59Chirk AAARhos AelwydTanyfron
1959–60Chirk AAABuckley RoversFron

In 1960 Division Three was discontinued once again.
SeasonDivision OneDivision Two
1960–61Chirk AAAPentre Broughton

In 1962 Division Three was revived once again.
In 1969 Division Three was split into two sections, A and B.
SeasonDivision OneDivision TwoDivision Three ADivision Three B
1969–70Brymbo SteelworksDruids UnitedGresford Athletic ReservesCefn Albion

In 1970 the two Division Three sections were reorganised into Divisions Three and Four.
SeasonDivision OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision Four
1970–71Brymbo SteelworksBurntwood & DruryRhosdduCastell Alun
1971–72Llangollen TownRhosdduCastell AlunDruids United Reserves
1972–73Denbigh TownRuabon St MarysHawarden RangersTreuddyn Villa
1973–74Denbigh TownBuckley RoversCoedpoeth Sports ClubOverton Athletic

In 1974 the four divisions were reduced to just two.
SeasonDivision OneDivision Two
1974–75Denbigh TownLex XI

In 1975 Division Three was reintroduced.
SeasonDivision OneDivision TwoDivision Three
1975–76Denbigh TownCoedpoeth Sports ClubCastell Alun Colts

In 1976 Division Three was discontinued once again.
SeasonDivision OneDivision Two
1976–77Brymbo SteelworksCastell Alun Colts
1977–78New BroughtonCefn Albion

In 1978 Divisions Three and Four were revived.
SeasonDivision OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision Four
1978–79Brymbo SteelworksChirk AAAPenleyTunnel Cement

In 1978 Division Four was discontinued once again.
SeasonDivision OneDivision TwoDivision Three
1979–80Cefn AlbionRuthin TownGrapes

In 1980 Division Four was once again revived.
SeasonDivision OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision Four
1980–81Cefn AlbionRhostyllen VillaGrapesNew Broughton
1981–82Brymbo SteelworksGrapesHawkesbury VillaCoedpoeth
1982–83Brymbo SteelworksRhos AelwydCoedpoethLlay RBL

In 1983 Division Four was split into two sections, North and South.
SeasonDivision OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision Four Division Four
1983–84Chirk AAALex XI ReservesPenycaeConnah's Quay ReservesJohnstown Athletic

In 1983 the two Division Four sections were merged back and the four divisions renamed Premier, One, Two and Three.
SeasonPremier DivisionDivision OneDivision TwoDivision Three
1984–85Lex XILlay RBLChirk AAA ReservesLlangollen Town Reserves
1985–86Mold AlexandraLlangollen TownPenycae ReservesBradley
1986–87Mold AlexandraLlay WelfareCorwenFlint Town
1987–88Lex XICorwenSt Marys RuabonNew Broughton
1988–89Lex XIRhostyllen VillaMarchwiel VillaKelloggs
1989–90Mold AlexandraBala TownNew BroughtonKinnerton

In 1990 Division Three was discontinued.
SeasonPremier DivisionDivision OneDivision Two
1990–91Marchwiel VillaLlay WelfareBradley
1991–92Wrexham ReservesTreuddyn VillaBritish Aerospace
1992–93PenleyCefn Druids ReservesRhostyllen/Bersham
1993–94PenycaeBrymbo ReservesRhosddu
1994–95Oswestry TownRhostyllen/Bersham RBLWrexham Colts
1995–96Gresford AthleticWrexham ColtsGresford Athletic Colts
1996–97Wrexham ColtsCastell ACOwens Corning
1997–98PenleyBala TownBradley Villa
1998–99CorwenBradley VillaBorras Park Albion

In 1999 Division Three was revived.
SeasonPremier DivisionDivision OneDivision TwoDivision Three
1999–2000British AerospaceHand HotelCefn UnitedBuckley Town
2000–01Gresford AthleticCefn UnitedLlay Welfare ColtsQueen's Park
2001–02Mold AlexandraMynydd IsaQueen's ParkBrynteg Village
2002–03Castell Alun ColtsQueen's ParkBrynteg VillageRuabon Villa
2003–04Bala TownAcrefair YouthCoedpoeth UnitedBuckley Town Reserves
2004–05Queen's ParkBrynteg VillageNew Brighton VillaMold Juniors
2005–06Rhos AelwydCastell Alun ColtsBala Town ReservesVenture Community
2006–07BrymboBala Town ReservesVenture CommunityBrymbo Reserves
2007–08BrymboAirbus UK ReservesGarden VillageFC Cefn

In 2008, all reserve and colts teams were split off, leaving two divisions for first teams and two divisions for lower teams.
SeasonPremier DivisionDivision OneReserves DivisionReserves & Colts Division
2008–09Llangollen TownFC CefnBala TownCastell AC
2009–10Rhos AelwydGarden VillageAirbus UKRuthin Town
2010–11PenycaePenyfforddRhos AelwydAirbus UK
2011–12FC CefnSaltney TownChirk AAAMold Alex
2012–13Chirk AAABorras Park AlbionRuthin TownBuckley Town
2013–14Mold AlexandraFC Nomads of Connah's QuayPenycaeFC Nomads of Connah's Quay
2014–15Gresford AthleticFC Queens ParkCefn DruidsMold Alex
2015–16FC Nomads of Connah's QuayCefn AlbionMold AlexSaltney Town
2016–17FC Queens ParkLex GlyndwrCefn DruidsFlint Town United
2017-18Buckley TownBrymboRuthin TownBrickfield Rangers
2018-19CorwenPlas MadocCefn DruidsHolywell Town FC
2019-20Holywell TownHawarden RangersMold AlexandraConnah's Quay Nomads