Part of the Game

Part of the Game is the fifth album by the California soft rock group Pablo Cruise. The album marked a decline in the band's popularity, as it managed only to reach #39 in the United States. One single was released from the album: "I Want You Tonight", reaching #19 in the United States. The band called the album a transition into a blend of disco to take advantage of the extreme popularity of that type of music at the time.

Track listing

Side One
  1. "Part Of The Game" - 3:44
  2. "I Want You Tonight" - 5:31
  3. "When Love Is At Your Door" - 4:31
  4. "Givin' It Away" - 5:18
Side Two
  1. "Tell Me That You Love Me" - 4:54
  2. "Lonely Nights" - 5:23
  3. "How Many Tears?" - 6:15
  4. "For Another Town" - 4:28


Pablo Cruise
Additional musicians