In a Dream (song)

"In a Dream" is the second single from Rockell's first album, What Are You Lookin' At?. A music video has never been filmed for the single. "In a Dream" peaked at number 72 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Background and composition

The song was written and produced by Randy Taylor-Weber of Galaxy Freestyle Records. In 1994, Randy Taylor-Weber created a three girl group and called them "Emotion in Motion". There were various ladies in the group, but on a demo tape that Randy made and promoted to the public, Maria, Claudia and Bernadette's version was the one that stood out. However the group departed and in 1996, Randy created the song with extensive advanced studio equipment and came across a new singer by the name of Jossette from Redwood City, CA. In 1996, Jossette at the time was working at a Foley's department store, when one of the Galaxy Freestyle Records employees approached her and asked if she can sing. Oddly enough she said yes and this led to an audition with Randy Taylor-Weber. They met up and recorded the smash hit song "In a Dream". This version got its break on Wild 94.9, DJ Jose Melendez decided to give the record a chance on radio. Within minutes the phone lines blew up and Jossette was asked to come back and be on Jojo Wright's Make It or Break It segment. Shortly after, "In a Dream" had its Make It or Break It debut with an astounding 95% saying 'make it'. From there, the song became the longest running # 1 song at the time on the daily countdown. Several radio stations across the country, mainly on the west coast added "In a Dream" to its Weekly Chart. The song became a staple in the dance freestyle music industry.
In 1997, Robbins Entertainment's artist Rockell, covered the song "In a Dream" and it became an instant smash in markets where Galaxy Freestyle Records hadn't been able to reach. Rockell stays active in performing around the United States. Randy Taylor-Weber jump started another record label "Galaxy Inc.Records" and released two songs that entered the top 200 on Mediabase in 2013 entitled "Take me back to Vegas" and "In the Club".

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