Frimley Park

Frimley Park in Frimley, Surrey, England, consists of Frimley Park mansion, a Grade II listed building, and the formal gardens, designed by Edward White in 1920. The house and gardens are all that remain of an estate that once encompassed more than . Since 1949 it has belonged to the War Office, and currently hosts an Army Cadet training centre.


The estate of Frimley Manor was sold by Henry Tichborne to James Lawrell the elder for £20,000 in 1789. In 1806 the estate was divided. James Lawrell the younger kept what was referred to as Frimley Manor, while Frimley Park mansion and of land were sold to John Tekells. In the early 1860 most of the estate was parcelled up and sold off. The house with of land was purchased by William Crompton Stansfieldin 1862. Theodore Alexander Ralli bought the estate in 1920, and commissioned Edward White to lay out a formal rose garden and sunk garden. In 1947 more land was sold separately and the remaining was purchased by the Officers' Association who two years later sold what remained of the estate to the current owners, the War Department.