Dragon Television

Shanghai Dragon Television or Dragon TV is sometimes referred to as Tomato TV, is a provincial satellite TV station. It launched in October 1998 as "Shanghai Television" but changed its name to Dragon Television on October 23, 2003. Currently, Dragon TV's signal covers most of China, including Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas in North America, Japan, Australia, Europe, Worldwide and other countries and regions landing. From September 28, 2009 and onwards, the channel used standard high-definition broadcast.


All of Dragon TV's news programs are owned by the parent company SMG TV news production center. The center has a professional staff of 500 people a day, 7 sections provided for the Dragon TV news programs which amounts a total of five hours. It is Asia's largest open-press studio and the largest television news production and broadcasting of news organizations.
Now Available On TVB Network Vision Channel 88, Cable TV Hong Kong Channel 21, HKBN BBTV Channel 715 and the SPB TV OTT TV.

News Programs

Currently, Dragon TV has a total of six news programs, including four live broadcast news program and two news feature shows. Details of the programs are as follows:


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Shows and Dramas

Currently, Dragon TV has a total of 8 shows and 1 drama. Details of the shows and dramas are as follows: