Dawn of Destiny

Dawn of Destiny is a German power metal band from Bochum, Germany which incorporates elements of thrash, gothic, symphonic and death metal. As of 2016, Dawn of Destiny has released six studio albums.


Dawn of Destiny was founded in Bochum by the end of 2005. Back then, the band's line-up consisted of Tanja Maul, Veith Offenbächer, Jens Faber, Dirk Raczkiewicz and Ansgar Ludwig.
The band has toured on several gigs with Sabaton, Custard or Tankard. After many negotiations with labels, the band decided to sign with Shark Records. The record deal enabled the band to release their debut album...Begins, which was already recorded back in 2006. It received a warm welcome by both the international press and fans worldwide.
At the beginning of 2008, the band supported the well-known American hard rock/glam metal/AOR/heavy metal band House of Lords on their European Tour, which led them to Belgium, the Netherlands and to the legendary Z7 in Pratteln.
In May 2009, Patrick Klose was chosen as the new drummer, replacing Ansgar Ludwig.
In June 2009, the recordings for the 3rd album "Human Fragility" began. The release date is announced for September 21st, 2009.
In April 2010, vocalist Tanja Maul leaves the band.
In May 2010, drummer Boris Frenkel joins the band, replacing Patrick Klose. Also, the vocalists Monika Wesely and Jeanette Scherff joined the band.
In 2012, the band signed a record deal to release their fourth studio album through Phonotraxx Publishing. The album, entitled Praying to the World, was released on May 4th, 2012.
In 2014, the band released their fifth studio album, entitled F.E.A.R. , through Phonotraxx Publishing.
In 2015, the band's sixth studio album, called To Hell, was released through Phonotraxx Publishing.

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...Begins is the debut album of German symphonic power metal band Dawn of Destiny.

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