Broadcast Film Critics Association

The Broadcast Film Critics Association is an association of approximately 250 television, radio and online critics. Founded in 1995, it is the largest film critics organization in the United States and Canada. The BFCA has presented the Critics' Choice Movie Awards each year since 1995. Of the prestigious awards given by film critics, it is the most populist in its tastes.
The BFCA also selects a Film of the Month and recommends other films throughout the year, based on the cumulative grades each film receives in the monthly balloting.


BFCA members are "working critics whose reviews are broadcast on a regular basis to a wide audience, either on television, on radio, or on the internet." More specific requirements must be met by radio- and internet-based critics:
A portion of the proceeds from the best tables at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards is donated to charities such as the Starlight Children's Foundation and Heifer International.

Broadcast Television Journalists Association

The Broadcast Television Journalists Association launched in 2011 as an offshoot of the BFCA. The BTJA presented its first awards at a ceremony luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles in June 2011. Cat Deeley hosted the event. On November 17, 2017 the BJTA Executive Committee announced the appointment of Ed Martin, a member of the BJTA since 1990, as its new president, succeeding founder Joey Berlin. Martin also serves as the editor and chief television and content critic of .