Web page

A web page is a specific collection of information provided by a website and displayed to a user in a web browser. A website typically consists of many web pages linked together in a coherent fashion. The name "web page" is a metaphor of paper pages bound together into a book.


The core element of a web page is one or more text files written in the Hypertext Markup Language. Many web pages also make use of JavaScript code for dynamic behavior and Cascading Style Sheets code for presentation semantics. Images, videos, and other multimedia files are also often embedded in web pages.


Each web page is identified by a distinct Uniform Resource Locator. When the user inputs a URL into their browser, that page's elements are downloaded from web servers. The browser then transforms all of the elements into an interactive visual representation on the user's device.
If the user clicks or taps a link to another page, the browser repeats this process to display the new page, which could be part of the current website or a different one.


From the perspective of server-side website deployment, there are two types of web pages: static and dynamic. Static pages are retrieved from the web server's file system without any modification, while dynamic pages must be created by the web server, typically drawing from a database to fill out a web template, before being sent to the user's browser.