Vice President of Iran

The Vice President of Iran is defined by article 124 of the Constitution of Iran, as anyone appointed by the President of Iran to lead an organization related to Presidential affairs., there are 12 Vice Presidents in Iran. The First Vice President is the most important as he or she leads cabinet meetings in the absence of the president.

Vice Presidents

First Vice President

The role of First Vice President was created in the revision of the Constitution in 1989. It took over some of the responsibilities of the Prime Minister. According to Article 124, the First Vice President chairs the board of ministers and coordinates the other vice presidencies, if let by the President. According to Article 131, the First Vice President takes over as acting President in cases where the President in incapacitated, but only if permitted by the Supreme Leader. According to the same Article, the First Vice President must make sure that a new president is elected in fifty days.
According to Article 132, during the time an Acting President is serving, the Majlis cannot impeach ministers and it can't disapprove newly introduced ministers. Also, referendums and revisions to the Constitution are forbidden.


Ex-officio Vice Presidents

Current officeholders are ex officio Vice Presidents:
Formerly, heads of these two organization below were ex-officio Vice Presidents:
Both organizations were merged into Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.
Organization became Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization.

Optional Vice Presidents

The President may or may not choose vice presidents for specific issues, but their existence is not obligatory. Some of the offices held by vice presidents are:

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