Steve Blum

Steven Jay Blum is an American voice actor known for his distinctively deep voice.


Blum's notable credits include the voice of Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop, Zeb Orrelios in Star Wars Rebels, Mugen in Samurai Champloo, Roger Smith from The Big O, Orochimaru and Zabuza Momochi in Naruto and Wolverine in multiple Marvel productions. In video games, he provided the voice of main protagonist Jack Cayman in MadWorld, Tank Dempsey in the Call of Duty series, Professor Galvez in ', main protagonist Grayson Hunt in Bulletstorm, Brimstone in Valorant, and Zoltun Kulle in Diablo III.
In September 2000, Blum voiced TOM, the robotic host of Cartoon Network's Toonami programming block. He replaced Sonny Strait in the character's subsequent appearances, until the cancellation of Toonami in 2008. When Toonami was revived on May 26, 2012, he returned as the voice of TOM. He is also the announcer for 7-Eleven's "Oh Thank Heaven" television and radio advertisements and partnered with Vic Mignogna in the series Real Fans of Genius.
In animation, he is the voice of Heatblast, Ghostfreak and Vilgax in the Ben 10 franchise, Starscream in
', Count Vertigo in ' and Young Justice, Red Skull, Beta Ray Bill and Wolverine in X-Men the animated series and ' and Amon in The Legend of Korra.
On June 5, 2012, he was awarded a Guinness World Record for being the most prolific video game voice actor, having 261 credited appearances as of May 10, 2012.

Personal life

Steve has two sons: Jeremy Blum, who is a teacher, and Brandon Blum, who is also an actor. He is currently engaged to Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. He is Jewish.





Shadow BuilderShadowbuilder Resume
06.10.2000'Computer Voice #1, Poromon, Flamedramon, Raidramon, Magnamon
05.08.2005Digimon: Revenge of DiaboromonPoromon Resume
16.10.2005Digimon Tamers: Battle of AdventurersGuilmon / Growlmon
02.10.2005Digimon Tamers: Runaway LocomonGuilmon / Growlmon / Gallantmon, Mitsuo Yamaki, Kenta Kitagawa
23.10.2005Digimon Frontier: Island of Lost DigimonJ.P. Shibayama
01.06.2012A Cat in ParisNico
26.09.2014The BoxtrollsShoe, Sparky
2014Stand by Me DoraemonYoshio Minamoto
05.04.2019Shazam!Seven Deadly Sins
24.05.2019PromareIgnis Ex

27.01.1989Goku Midnight EyeGoku Resume
OutlandersOperator Resume
08.08.1994'T. Hawk, Ring AnnouncerAs Roger CanfieldResume
25.08.1994Macross PlusMarj Gueldola Resume
Black Magic M-66Professor Matthew, Soldier Resume
10.05.1995'General's Assistant, Noble Resume
24.10.1995–96Josh Kirby... Time Warrior!Prism Vocal EffectsAs David LucasResume
They Were ElevenRednose, Amazon, King Resume
18.06.1996Ghost in the ShellSection 9 Staff Cyberneticist, CoronerAs Roger Canfield
Also Ghost in the Shell 2.0
Tokyo RevelationKojiro SomaAnimaze dubResume
'Kelly's Manager Resume
22.12.1999'Ken Masters Resume
27.11.2001'CelestineAs David LucasResume
'Yuichi Kayama Resume
05.01.2002MetropolisAcetylene Lamp
07.05.2002Mobile Suit Gundam: The Movie TrilogyChar AznableAs David LucasResume
11.08.2002'Spike Spiegel Resume
The Era of VampiresHeiLive-action dubResume
18.11.2003'Yoshiyuki TeradaAs Andrew WattonResume
02.12.2003The Little Polar BearHenry Resume
12.08.2005Escape from Cluster PrimeSmytus Resume
25.04.2006'Vincent Valentine Resume
10.08.2007'Vilgax, Heatblast, Nightmarish Alien, Alien Fly Prisoner
07.10.2008Strait JacketLeiot Steinberg
06.03.2007Nomad: The WarriorShamanLive-action dubResume
30.10.2008'Greg Glenn Resume
20.01.2009Hulk VsLogan / WolverineRole in "Hulk vs. Wolverine"
09.02.2010'Lucifer Resume
28.09.2010'Count VertigoReleased as extra on '
22.02.2011All-Star SupermanAtlas
07.06.2011'Kloba Vud
23.03.2012'Heatblast, Mechamorph
21.05.2013'Bane, Penguin Resume
30.07.2013'Lex Luthor
10.09.2013Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky ScarecrowClem, Abner
08.10.2013'Starscream, Darksteel
27.01.2015'Lex Luthor
05.06.2015Expelled from ParadiseZarik "Dingo" KajiwaraBTVA Award for Best Male Lead Vocal Performance in an Anime Movie/Special
06.10.2015'Third Tsuchikage Ohnoki
25.11.2015'Techmo, Commander, TV Game
20.01.2016'Black Mask, Firefly
23.07.2019Critters Attack!Critters

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