Socialist Party

Socialist Party is the name of many different political parties around the world. All of these parties claim to uphold some form of socialism, though they may have very different interpretations of what "socialism" means. Statistically, most of these parties advocate either democratic socialism, social democracy or even Third Way as their ideological position. Many Socialist Parties have explicit connections to the labor movement and trade unions. See also Socialist International, list of democratic socialist parties and organizations and list of social democratic parties. A number of affiliates of the Trotskyist International Socialist Alternative also use the name "Socialist Party".
This list only includes parties that use the exact name "Socialist Party" for themselves, sometimes alongside the name of the country in which they operate. The list does not include political parties that use the word "Socialist" in addition to one or more other political adjectives in their names. For example, the numerous parties using the name "Socialist Workers' Party" are not included.

Active parties

AlbaniaSocialist Party of AlbaniaSI
ArgentinaSocialist PartySI
AustraliaSocialist PartyISA
Socialist PartySI, PES
BoliviaSocialist Party
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSocialist Party
Republic of CroatiaSocialist Party
BrazilBrazilian Socialist PartyFSP
BulgariaBulgarian Socialist PartySI, PES
CanadaSocialist Party of Canada WSM
ChileSocialist Party of ChileSI
EgyptSocialist Party of Egypt
FranceSocialist PartySI, PES
French GuianaGuianese Socialist Party
GabonGabonese Socialist Party
GreecePanhellenic Socialist MovementSI, PES
Guinea-BissauSocialist Party of Guinea-Bissau
HungaryHungarian Socialist PartySI, PES
IraqAssyrian Socialist Party
IraqKurdish Socialist Party
IcelandIcelandic Socialist Party
IrelandSocialist PartyISA
ItalyItalian Socialist PartySI, PES
LatviaSocialist Party of Latvia
LithuaniaSocialist Party of Lithuania
MacedoniaSocialist Party of MacedoniaPES
MalaysiaSocialist Party of Malaysia
MexicoSocialist Party of Mexico
MoldovaSocialist Party of Moldova
MoroccoSocialist Party
NetherlandsSocialist Party
NicaraguaNicaraguan Socialist Party
PeruSocialist Party
PolandPolish Socialist Party
PortugalSocialist PartySI, PES
RomaniaRomanian Socialist Party
RwandaRwandese Socialist Party
San MarinoSocialist Party
SerbiaSocialist Party of Serbia
SenegalSocialist Party of SenegalSI
SpainSpanish Socialist Workers' PartyPES
SpainSocialist Party of the Basque CountrySI, PES
SpainSocialists' Party of CataloniaPES
SpainSocialists' Party of GaliciaPES
SpainMajorca Socialist PartyEFA
Sri LankaSocialist Party of Sri LankaL5I
SwedenSocialist PartyUSFI
SwitzerlandSwiss Socialist PartySI, PES
TajikistanSocialist Party of Tajikistan
Timor-LesteSocialist Party of Timor
TunisiaSocialist Party
UkraineSocialist Party of UkraineSI
United KingdomSocialist Labour Party
United KingdomSocialist PartyCWI
United KingdomSocialist Party of Great BritainWSM
United KingdomScottish Socialist PartyEACL
United StatesSocialist Party USA
UruguaySocialist Party of UruguaySI
YemenYemeni Socialist PartySI

Former parties

These are parties which no longer exist or have changed their name from "Socialist Party".
AustriaSocialist Party of Austria
AustraliaSocialist Party of Australia
Socialist Party of Australia
BelarusBelarusian Socialist Party
BelgiumBelgian Socialist Party
Socialist Party
BoliviaSocialist Party
Burkina FasoBurkinabè Socialist Party
CanadaSocialist Party of North America
Socialist Party of Canada
Socialist Party of Ontario
CroatiaSocialist Party of Croatia
CyprusSocialist Party of Cyprus
EcuadorEcuadorian Socialist Party
EgyptEgyptian Socialist Party
FranceFrench Socialist Party
French Socialist Party
Socialist Party of France
IcelandSocialist Party
IndiaSocialist Party
IndonesiaSocialist Party of Indonesia
Socialist Party of Indonesia
IrelandSocialist Party of Ireland
Socialist Party of Ireland
ItalyItalian Socialist Party
Socialist Party
JapanJapan Socialist Party
NetherlandsSocialist Party
New ZealandNew Zealand Socialist Party
PeruSocialist Party of Peru
PolandSilesian Socialist Party
PortugalPortuguese Socialist Party
Puerto RicoPuerto Rican Socialist Party
Socialist Party
RomaniaSocialist Party of Romania
San MarinoSammarinese Socialist Party
SenegalSenegalese Socialist Party
South KoreaSocialist Party
SpainAndalusian Socialist Party
SwedenSocialist Party
ThailandSocialist Party of Thailand
TogoPan-African Socialist Party
TrinidadCaribbean Socialist Party
United KingdomBritish Socialist Party
United StatesSocialist Party of America
VietnamSocialist Party of Vietnam