Pacific Express

Pacific Express was an all-jet airline in the western United States from 1982 to early based in marketed itself as Pan Am Pacific Express reflecting a marketing agreement between Pan American World Airways and the carrier for connecting passenger traffic at Los Angeles and San Francisco. At one point, Pacific Express served 22 destinations in the western It was a subsidiary of
Pacific Express initially operated seven British Aircraft Corporation BAC One-Eleven twin jets and subsequently then added Boeing 737-200s. It had six new British Aerospace BAe 146-200s on order but never took delivery; some of these BAe 146s were then purchased by Pacific Southwest Airlines.
Shortly after its second anniversary Pacific Express filed for bankruptcy in federal court and abruptly ceased operations on Thursday,
The name Pacific Express is now the callsign of Jetstar Pacific Airlines, the second largest airline in Vietnam.


From Pacific Express timetable for December 1, 1983.
Ordered but not delivered: