NoComply were a metal-influenced punk rock sextet hailing from Plymouth, Devon in the south of England. They took their name from the skateboarding trick known as "no comply". On 23 January 2006, the band announced their intention to split up.


NoComply formed in the autumn of 1998. The founder members were Kelly, Jon, and Nick. The final line up was completed by Si, Oz, and Matt. Early incarnations of the band were driven by covering the likes of Pennywise and AFI in Jon’s bed, all learnt from the internet. In these early years the band produced three demos Never Unknown, Bring It On, and Should Have Guessed. The band honed their sound as they introduced a brass section into the proceedings and in 2001 recorded their demo Misuse Of Control. The band’s evolution took them into the altogether harder territory of ska-core pioneered by underground legends like CapDown & Link 80.
The band went straight out on the road with Asian Man Records' MU330 on a mammoth UK trek. It wasn’t long after that the band came to the attention of the Big Cheese Magazine offshoot Deck Cheese Records & they joined to their roster in the summer of 2002.
NoComply headed into the studio in August 2002 to record three new tracks for their debut EP on Deck Cheese. Two of the tracks from the aforementioned Misuse Of Control were added to finish the EP that is Your Life . This EP was released in September 2002, the new recordings heavier and more powerful than ever before.
NoComply supported the likes of RX Bandits, Capdown, Lightyear and even pop punk pretty boys Good Charlotte. In the summer of 2003 NoComply made their first trip over to mainland Europe with Honest Don’s nerd core boys Nerf Herder. Upon their return NoComply were invited to the BBC’s Maida Vale studio to do a session for Radio 1’s The Lock Up show. In November 2003 the video for Your Life debuted at number 2 in the Scuzz TV chart, only being pipped at the top slot by Funeral for a Friend.
NoComply recorded their full length debut album for Deck Cheese records entitled With Windmills Turning Wrong Directions at No Recording Studios with John Hannon at the production helm during February and March 2004. The band opened the UK leg of the 2004 Deconstruction festival and also headlined the second stage at the Hell’s Angels Bulldog Bash. NoComply also found themselves appearing at the Leeds leg of the 2004 Carling Weekend festival. Further UK touring was followed by a tour of mainland Europe. 2005 saw the band appear at the Radio One Lock Up Stage of both legs of the Carling Weekend followed shortly by two support dates with Alkaline Trio and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes in Germany.


On 23 January 2006, the band gave the following announcement:
After a total of nearly 8 years as a band, Nocomply have decided to call it a day and finish as a band together. We've all got personal and different reasons but we decided that it would be impossible for us to continue playing music together. It's a great shame because we've all had the best times we've ever had and met some of the greatest people but, as we all agreed, now is the time for it to end. We want to say a huge thank you to everybody who has ever supported us in, come to our shows, listened to our music and generally helped us out. We would never have been able to get as far as we have as a band without the help of so many people and we are forever grateful.
We're hoping to be able to play a couple of last shows for everyone so please keep an ear out!
Thank you, everyone.