Herbert Wimmer

Herbert "Hacki" Wimmer is a former footballer who played as a midfielder. Besides winning five national championships and two UEFA Cups with his club side Borussia Mönchengladbach he won the 1974 World Cup and the UEFA Euro 1972 with Germany.
Herbert Wimmer started his playing career with lowly Borussia Brand. Between 1966 and 1978 he played in 366 Bundesliga matches for Borussia Mönchengladbach and scored 51 goals. With the club he won five national championships, the German Cup in 1973, and the UEFA Cup in 1975.
He started out as a forward, but in Mönchengladbach his role was primarily to cover defensively for the star of the team in this era, midfield playmaker Günter Netzer. His physical endurance, which earned him the nickname the iron lung, was one of his major assets. He was considered as a paragon of a player that never runs out of steam. As such, Jonathan Wilson, when writing for The Guardian in 2013, described Wimmer as a "destroyer," which is a type of holding midfielder whose role is mainly to help win back possession and distribute the ball to other players.
Between 1968 and 1976, Wimmer also played in 36 matches for the German national football team, where he scored four goals. With Germany he won the 1972 European Football Championship – there he scored the second goal in the 3–0 win in the final against the USSR – and the 1974 FIFA World Cup, where he took part in two matches.



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