The term cross-reference can refer to either:
In a document, especially those authored in a Content management system,
a cross-reference has two major aspects:
The visible form contains text, graphics, and other indications that:
The technical mechanism that resides within the system:
If the cross-reference mechanism is well designed, the reader will be able to follow each cross-reference to the referenced content whether the content is presented in print or electronically.
An author working in a content management system is responsible for identifying subjects of interest that cross documents, and creating appropriate systems of cross-references to support readers who seek to understand those subjects. For an individual cross-reference, an author should ensure that location and content of the target of the cross-reference are clearly identified, and the reader can easily determine how to follow the cross-reference in each medium in which publication is supported.
Content strategy practitioners specialize in planning content to meet business needs, taking into account the processes for creating and maintaining the content, and the systems that support the content.