Comparison of note-taking software

The tables below compare features of notable note-taking software.

General information

AllMyNotes OrganizerVladonai SoftwareMicrosoft Windows
BasKet Note PadsKDEUnix-like
CintaNotesCinta SoftwareMicrosoft Windows
ConnectedTextEduardo MauroMicrosoft Windows
Day OneBloom BuiltmacOS, iOS, Android
Dropbox PaperDropboxAndroid, IOS, web-based
EvernoteEvernote CorporationAndroid, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows 7/8/10, Microsoft Windows Phone, and web-based
GnoteAurimas ČerniusLinux
Google KeepGoogleAndroid, iOS, Chrome OS, browser based
KeyNote NFMarek Jedliński, Tranglos SoftwareMicrosoft Windows
MemonicNektoon AGAndroid, iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/Mobile web-based
Microsoft OneNoteMicrosoftAndroid, macOS, iOS, Microsoft Windows 7/8/10, Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2/2012R2/2016, Microsoft Windows Phone 8/8.1/10, web-based, mobile web
MyInfoMilenix SoftwareMicrosoft Windows XP/Vista/7/10
MyNotexMassimo NardelloLinux
Notational VelocityZachary SchneirovmacOS
NotesApplemacOS, iOS, web-based
Notizen.NETMicrosoft Windows XP/Vista/7
OkularOkular Team KDE-enabled Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows, macOS, *BSD
Open-SankoréSankoréLinux, macOS, Unix, Microsoft Windows
Org-mode Carsten Dominik, et al.Linux, macOS, Unix, Microsoft Windows
OutlineGorillized CorporationmacOS, iOS
PDF StudioQoppa SoftwareLinux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, web-based
Personal KnowbaseBitsmith SoftwareMicrosoft Windows
QOwnNotesPatrizio BekerleGNU/Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows
QiqqaQuantisle Ltd.Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Web-based, Android
SimplenoteAutomattic inc.Cross-platform
TagSpacesTagSpaces UGCross-platform
TiddlyWikiJeremy RustonCross-platform
TomboyAlex GraveleyCross-platform
TreeDBNotesMicrosoft Windows
UlyssesThe SoulmenSaaSmacOS, iOS
WhizfoldersAvniTech SolutionsMicrosoft Windows
Microsoft Windows JournalMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows XP Tablet PC edition, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7/8/10
ZimJaap KarssenbergCross-platform
ZOHO NotebookZOHO CorporationSelf-hosted. SaaS.

Basic features

NameOrganizing principleOutline bulleting with indentTabbed sectionsSyncPDF annotate and save
White­boardInk-pen inputHandwriting recognitionSpell checkSearchReplacePrintingFile save/export/import formats
AllMyNotes OrganizerTreeProprietary, encrypted; import: plain text, RTF, CSV, images, HTML; exports: plain text, HTML, RTF, images
BasKet Note PadsTree, tagsRich text; export as HTML; import text files
CintaNotesNotebooks, sections, tagsProprietary; export to Unicode text, XML and HTML
ConnectedTextWiki, Tree and CategoriesProprietary ; Export to text, XML, CHM and HTML. Import from text, HTML, XML and RTF
Day OneChronological, tagsMarkdown, XML ; Export as: pdf, txt, md
Org-mode tree, tagsLaTeX, HTML, DocBook, Taskjuggler, PDF, Freemind, XOXO, iCalendar
Evernotetags, Notebooks, StacksNotes stored as XML; both free and paid versions allow notes of any file type
GnoteNotebooksNoteXmlFormat, HTML, PDF
Google Keeptags, colorsProprietary; export to Google Doc and thence to PDF, Word, ODT etc.
KeyNote NFNotebooks, notes and treeInternal: combination of TXT and RTF; import/export: TXT, RTF, HTML, Treepad
MemonicNotes stored as XML; can attach any filetype
Microsoft OneNoteNotebooks, sections, pagesOpen, XML, import from web pages and other applications
MyInfoTree, tags, custom attributesProprietary, encrypted; import: plain text, RTF, CSV, MS Word, images, web pages; exports: plain text, HTML, RTF, CSV, MS Word
MyNotexSqlite based, zipped attachments; export to HTML; copying as LaTeX; import text files, documents
Notizen.NETtreeTXT, RTF, ALX
OkularPDF, PS, TIFF, CHM, DjVu, DVI, XPS, ODF, others; export PDF+notes for sending to other Okular users
Open-Sankorétree, notebooksSave/export: PDF, IWB, UBZ; Import: PDF, IWB, UBZ, images, image directories
OutlineTree-structured notebooks, sections, pagesMS OneNote format, export/import as PDF
Personal KnowbasetagsExport to RTF, HTML, TXT, CSV
Qiqqatags, brainstormProprietary, PDF, Brainstorm; export to RTF and Word
SimplenotetagsExport to XML
TiddlyWikitags HTML, json, txt,csv
TomboyNoteXmlFormat, HTML, PDF, wiki-formats
TreeDBNotestreeRTF, HTML, txt
UlyssesNotebooks, sections, tagsRich text; export as HTML; import text files; markdown editing.
Microsoft Windows JournalProprietary
Zimtags , using installed web browserStored in modified DokuWiki Markdown; export: HTML, LaTeX, Pandoc Markdown, Sphinx RST
NameOrganizing principleOutline bulleting with indentTabbed sectionsSyncPDF annotate and saveWhite­boardInk-pen inputHandwriting recognitionSpell checkSearchReplacePrintingFile save/export/import formats

Advanced formatting and content

NameDrawing atop text
Text box, flow diagram
Text and paragraph formattingInsert hyperlink
Insert imageResize imageInsert tableInsert audioInsert videoInsert SWFAttachment
Other objectsRemarks / other features
AllMyNotes OrganizerAlarms, check-boxes, bullets, phones, advanced links, autosaving; last cursor position memory,passwords on tree folders,failure-resistant self-healing DB engine
BasKet Note Pads?tags Adding, managing notes by category, autosave
CintaNotes?Links to notesTagging and searching for tags, tag hierarchy
ConnectedText?Scripting of pages with Python and other scripting languages.LaTex, Scripts, RSS Feeds, Transclusion, Directed Graphs and Flowcharts by GraphViz, many other features.
Day One?tags, bullets, numbering, line, programming code snippetseditable note metadata
Org-mode ?Advanced linking, bullets, tags, checkboxes, full spreadsheet, embedding of programming code, formulas, markupMajor mode of Emacs; uses plain-text; includes ToDos, spreadsheet, deadlines, encryption, reminders, agenda, calendar
Evernote Check-box, line, tagsBusiness and personal notes integrated in same client; businesses have control over business notes, but cannot see personal notes
GnotePort of Tomboy to C++; wiki-style linked notes
Google Keep?Google Calendar remindersNotes can be shared with other Google Keep users.
IPython Notebook?Part of IPython shell; allows for programming code, output and annotation to be combined in single interactive environment
KeyNote NFOLE objects; "virtual nodes" which integrate and edit the content of external plain-text or rich-text files; internal links; mirror nodes.Text processing; tree numbering and sorting; custom tree icons; node checkboxes; checkbox filtering; search filtering; reminder alarms; compressed or encrypted notebooks; auto-minimize and/or auto-lock when idle; quick access key for fast notes; additional scratchpad; autosave of up to 9 previous file versions; automatic clipboard capturing; read-only notebooks or notes; macros; templates; text shortcuts; plug-ins; bookmarks; custom keyboard shortcuts; program can be made portable through "Options" setting
Microsoft OneNoteOLE, bullets, line, flags, formulasNo local storage of notebooks on Mac or versions past Office 2016
MyInfoOLE, bullets, numbering, page breaks, advanced linksTags; filters; calendar; reminders
MyNotex?Activity lists; tags; notes management by subject; encryption with AES or GPG; multilingual
Notational Velocity?Instant open and searching
Open-Sankoréplug-ins, web pages, applicationsAnnotate live desktop applications and web pages; autosave; plug-in system; audio recording
OutlineTagsPassword protection, insert web pages, local storage, MS OneNote compatibility, text highlighting, bulleted and numbered lists, free placement of notes on a page
PDF Studio
Personal KnowbasePasswords; portable
QiqqaPDF, brainstorm, citations
TagSpacesTags, pluginsPlugins, you can present your local images, videos and music to your TV via ChromeCast. You can create a personal "wiki" for tracking of your projects, ideas or memories.
TiddlyWikiHTML, LaTeX, markdown pluginsPlugins; user scripts
TomboyNote Links, highlighting, fixed-widthReminders; to do-lists; formulas in LaTeX
Microsoft Windows Journal
ZimPlugins; Versioning; LaTeX integration ; HTML export ; GNOME's Zeitgeist integration; Lilypond music sheet integrationASCII diagram drawing; Tags; Tasks; Table of Content navigation; SQLite3 search indexing; Autosaving; Last cursor position memory; Tabbed multi-documents
NameDrawing atop textText box, flow diagramText and paragraph formattingInsert hyperlinkInsert imageResize imageInsert tableInsert audioInsert videoInsert SWFAttachmentOther objectsRemarks / other features