Biysk is a city in Altai Krai, Russia, located on the Biya River not far from its confluence with the Katun River. It is the second largest city of the krai. Population:


The city is called "the gates to the Altai Mountains", because of its position comparatively not far from this range. Chuysky Highway begins in Biysk and then goes through the Altai Republic to Russia's border with Mongolia.


Biysk has a humid continental climate of the with very cold, rather dry winters and very warm, damp summers.


The fortress of Bikatunskaya, or Bikatunsky Ostrog, was founded in 1708-1709: it was constructed near the confluence of Biya and Katun Rivers in 1709 by the order the Russian Tsar Peter the Great signed in 1708. Yet, in 1710, after a three-day battle, the ostrog was destroyed by the Dzungar people. The Bikatunskaya fortress was re-built at a new place in 1718 and renamed Biyskaya in 1732. Gradually, Biysk lost its role as a military base, but became an important center of trade, and was granted town status in 1782. In 1797, the town was abolished, but in 1804 it was restored as an uyezd town of Tomsk Governorate and granted the coat of arms which is still in use.

Administrative and municipal status

Within the framework of administrative divisions, Biysk serves as the administrative center of Biysky District, even though it is not a part of it. As an administrative division, it is, together with four rural localities, incorporated separately as the city of krai significance of Biysk—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts. As a municipal division, the city of krai significance of Biysk is incorporated as Biysk Urban Okrug.


The city's industry grew rapidly, especially after some factories were evacuated there from the west of the Soviet Union during World War II. Later the city was an important center of arms development and production and still remains an industrial center.
Evalar, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Russia, is headquartered in Biysk.


Biysk has a railway station, a port on the Biya, and is served by the Biysk Airport. The route of federal importance Novosibirsk-Biysk-Tashanta passes through the city.

Education and culture

Biysk is a center of education and culture, and a home to an academy of education, a technical institute and other educational institutions, a drama theater, a museum of local lore, and other facilities.

Notable people