Aoi Koga

Aoi Koga is a Japanese voice actress from Saga Prefecture who is affiliated with 81 Produce. She is known for her roles as Sora Kaneshiro in Angel's 3Piece!, Yuri Miyata in Two Car, and Shinomiya Kaguya in . She was also part of the musical group Baby's Breath together with the other main cast members of Angel's 3Piece!.


Koga had an interest in anime since her childhood, watching series such as Cardcaptor Sakura and Ojamajo Doremi. She first became interested in voice acting after watching the television program Okaasan to Issho and becoming fond of the puppet segments featured in the show. This made her want to "become friends with dolls" and, along with her interest in anime, helped her decide to pursue a career in entertainment.
In pursuit of becoming a voice actress, Koga would take acting lessons at a vocational school in Fukuoka. Following this, she enrolled in the training school of the agency 81 Produce, becoming affiliated with them upon her finishing her training. Her first credited role in an anime was a woman in '. In 2017, she was cast as the character Sora Kaneshiro in Angel's 3Piece!; she also became part of the band Baby's Breath along with Yuko Ono and Yurika Endō, her co-stars in the series. She was later cast as Yuri Miyata in Two Car, where she performed the series' ending theme "Angelica Wind" together with her co-star Aimi Tanaka. In 2019, she played the role of Kaguya Shinomiya in '.



  • Angel's 3Piece! as Sora Kaneshiro
  • Two Car as Yuri Miyata
  • Zombieland Saga as Maria Amabuki