Ubuntu Kylin

Ubuntu Kylin is the official Chinese version of the Ubuntu computer operating system. It is intended for desktop and laptop computers and has been described as a "loose continuation of the Chinese Kylin OS". In 2013, Canonical Ltd. reached an agreement with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China to co-create and release an Ubuntu-based operating system with features targeted at the Chinese market.
The first official release, Ubuntu Kylin 13.04, was released on 25 April 2013, on the same day as Ubuntu 13.04. Features include Chinese input methods, Chinese calendars, a weather indicator, and online music search from the Dash.


The current version is 20.04.
With the latest release, it now features version 3.0 of its own, newly developed UKUI.
With the 14.10 release, it features its own Ubuntu Kylin Software Center and a utility which helps common end-users for daily computing tasks called Youker Assistant.
The team also cooperates with Sogou to develop Sogou Input Method for Linux. Since it is closed source, it is not included in the official Ubuntu Kylin image, but users can download it from UKSC or Sogou's website.

Release History