Summer Is Over

"Summer is Over" is a 1960s song, most notably sung by Dusty Springfield.


The song's music and lyrics were composed by Tom Springfield and Clive Westlake. It was originally performed by English-born Australian easy listening and country music singer Frank Ifield in 1964 and released as a single, with the B-side being a version of Buddy Holly's "True Love Ways."

Springfield version

In September of the same year, Tom's sister, singer Dusty Springfield, with whom they had been together in the pop-folk vocal trio The Springfields, released the single "Losing you". She chose for its B-side her version of "Summer is Over" recorded with orchestral accompaniment directed by Ivor Raymonde. Both sides were produced by Norrie Paramor.
The single was released on 16 October 1964, entered the British chart on 28 October 1964, and went up to the 9th position. "Summer Is Over" featured in her second album titled Dusty, released in 1964. Her 1965 EP Mademoiselle Dusty included a French version of the song.

Other versions

From 1964 and until it closed, the pirate radio station Radio Veronica, transmitting from a small ship outside the Dutch territorial waters, used the song's trumpet part for its station identification jingle.
In 1982, singer Liesbeth List released in the Netherlands a version of "Summer is Over" titled "Wie Weet", with Dutch lyrics by T. de Winter.