Sony Connect

Sony Connect was the name for a series of related products by Sony for marketing content online.

Sony Connect Music Store

The CONNECT Music Store was Sony's music store built within the SonicStage music management application for Microsoft Windows-based personal computers. It was one of the world’s largest online music download stores with over 2.5 million tracks to preview and purchase, with over 10,000 new songs added every Tuesday. The CONNECT Music Store closed in North America and Europe on 31 March 2008, and the website has been unavailable from 1 March 2008.
However, in late 2008, Sony launched a new online music store called "" on a trial basis in several countries, particularly Australia and New Zealand. The store was never made fully available globally, and was closed in 2016.
"Sony Connect" was also the name given to the software used to manage book, music and image content on the Sony Reader; it has since been renamed Sony eBook Library.
The SonicStage software transferred music tracks to Sony media devices like Network Walkman, CD Walkman, Hi-MD, PSP, Clie handheld or computer, but did not transfer to non-Sony hardware.

Sony Connect Video

Sony CONNECT Video was a division within Sony CONNECT developing digital service platforms to enable distribution of next-generation entertainment to Sony devices.
Users could download video content directly to their device wirelessly or by means of using the USB port and their computer.


The CONNECT Music Store was only accessible via Internet Explorer on computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system.
Files downloaded from the CONNECT Music Store were encrypted using Sony's Digital Rights Management, in the OpenMG file format. Audio content is encrypted using an OpenMG compliant program — SonicStage — and stored on a computer's hard disk for playback or transfer to a Sony media device. The file format is ATRAC3, Sony's proprietary compressed music format.