Lynne Jolitz

Lynne Greer Jolitz is a figure in free software and founder of many startups in Silicon Valley, along with her husband William.
Lynne Jolitz, along with her husband, is probably most famous for her pioneering work to port and to free the 386BSD operating system. She has founded startup companies that involve workstations to companies in Internet multimedia.
Lynne is also a noted author and authority on operating systems and networking issues. Lynne is an internet news media commentator discussing events in the computer industry and wrote frequently for BYTE.
She also holds patents in internet technologies and semiconductor memory innovations, and writes technical papers and articles.
She is currently an adviser to CoolClip network, an internet startup that uses the server-based video production engine that Lynne originally designed and tested at the University of California, Berkeley.
Lynne has appeared on the Oracle E-Business Network and was presented with their Geek of the Week award for her years of work in high-speed networking and operating systems design. Lynne also has appeared on Dvorak's RealComputing discussing the impact of Internet broadband.
She received an alumni award from the Physics Department at Berkeley for her work in alumni outreach with the department. She also is active in women's entrepreneur and technology networking groups and mentoring girls in science and technology.
She and her husband reside in Los Gatos, California with their children Rebecca, Benjamin and Sarah.