Golden Spikes Award

The Golden Spikes Award is bestowed annually to the best amateur baseball player in the United States. The award, created by USA Baseball and sponsored by the Major League Baseball Players Association, was first presented in 1978. It is given to an amateur player who best exhibits and combines "exceptional on-field ability and exemplary sportsmanship." The award is considered the most prestigious in amateur baseball.
Ten winners of the Golden Spikes Award are members of the National College Baseball Hall of Fame, including Bob Horner, the inaugural winner in 1978. In that same year, he was the first overall MLB draft pick and proceeded to win the Rookie of the Year Award. Seven Golden Spikes Award winners went on to become the first overall draft pick. Only Horner achieved the Rookie of the Year Award in the same year. Jim Abbott, Jered Weaver and Tim Lincecum are the only award winners to pitch a no-hitter, while Horner is the only one to hit four home runs in one game. Furthermore, 17 players won the Dick Howser Trophy alongside the Golden Spikes Award. No player has won the award more than once. Surprisingly, no Golden Spikes recipient has yet been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
Since 2014, the winner has been announced during a live broadcast of ESPN's SportsCenter. Immediately following the announcement, the award winner and the other finalists are honored at a banquet in Los Angeles. Although it can be given to any amateur player, the award has always been given to a college baseball player. In addition, only two winners were not attending NCAA Division I institutions when they won the award—junior college players Alex Fernández in 1990 and Bryce Harper in 2010. The most recent recipient of the award is Adley Rutschman of the Oregon State Beavers.
USA Baseball announced on April 15, 2020, that the award would not be conferred that year. The coronavirus pandemic had de facto cancelled the 2020 college baseball season on March 12, with only a third of the season played in southern climates and only a few northern teams beginning their schedule.


YearLinks to the article about the corresponding baseball year
PlayerName of the player
PositionThe player's position at the time he won the award
SchoolThe player's college when he won the award
ItalicsPlayer was the first overall MLB draft pick in the same year
^Player won the Rookie of the Year Award
§Player also won the Dick Howser Trophy in the same year
Member of the National College Baseball Hall of Fame
Player is active

'3BArizona State
3BCal State Fullerton
OFFlorida State
SSNew Orleans
OFArizona State
1BMississippi State
PFlorida State
3BOklahoma State
PMiami-Dade Community College
OFArizona State
'3BCal State Fullerton
PWichita State
CGeorgia Tech
OFCal State Fullerton
1BSan Diego State
OFFlorida State
PSouth Carolina
PSouthern California
PLong Beach State
CFlorida State
'PSan Diego State
'C/OFCollege of Southern Nevada
3BSan Diego
1B / PLouisville
'COregon State
Not awarded