El Modena High School

El Modena High School, also called El Mo, is a traditional 4 year public high school located in the El Modena neighborhood in the eastern portion of the city of Orange in Orange County, California.
The school celebrated its 50th anniversary during the 2016-17 school year. El Modena High is part of the Orange Unified School District and competes in the Century League.



A vanguard, used as the school's mascot, is a soldier in the foremost division or the front part of an army. Vanguards are the troops assembled in the front line when going into battle, which is why the school newspaper is titled The Frontline.
The El Modena Vanguard Marching Band and Colorguard compete in the AA Gold competition of the California State Band Championships circuit and play their field show every home game during half time. Previously they competed in the Western Band Association.

Winter Marching Season

Once finishing Marching season, near the end of football's season, the band splits into three groups. The Vanguard Marching Band percussion section forms the Vanguard Percussion Ensemble. The Colorguard forms the El Modena Winter guard. These two groups, since some time after 1969, traditionally perform on a tarp inside of the basketball court or high school gym. The third group is the Concert Band, formed by the band and the percussion section. They play varied pieces such as soundtracks and scored originals and regularly perform through the winter and spring.

Yearbook program

El Modena boasts a national award-winning yearbook titled Escena, which means "scene" in Latin. The yearbook is annually sent to a national competition and has received a Gold Standard award for its book in the year 2007. In 2011, El Modena's yearbook staff received 12 individual and group awards before the publication of their book even began.

Notable alumni