Education Act 2002

The Education Act 2002 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that gave schools greater autonomy to implement experimental teaching methods.

Main provisions

The act significantly amended legislation relating to academies, publicly funded schools operating outside of local government control and with a significant degree of autonomy areas such as wages and digressing from the national curriculum. Academies were originally set up under the Learning and Skills Act 2000 under the name "city academies", and were renamed to "academies" by this act.
Schools which have innovative ideas to improve education, but are prevented by an existing law from implementing them, will be able to apply for exemption from that law.
Schools which demonstrate a high standard of teaching will be given exemption national controls such as the national curriculum, agreements on teachers' pay and conditions and the way the scheduling of the school day and terms.
The act imposes various minimum standards for independent schools in areas such as health and safety and space requirements.

List of provisions

Identify school funds