Calculated is the only studio album by the American punk rock band Heavens to Betsy, released on March 21, 1994 by Kill Rock Stars. The album received positive reviews from critics.

Recording and release

Calculated was recorded in Seattle, Washington between November 30 and December 3, 1993. It was released on March 21, 1994 by the independent record label Kill Rock Stars.

Critical reception

Calculated received positive reviews from music critics. AllMusic reviewer Kurt Morris stated that "Sawyer keeps the beats tight and Tucker is always brimming over with passion and the kind of power of which many bands in the hardcore scene aren't even capable. Not so much in an overtly masculine manner, but through intelligently refined viciousness transmitted via the appropriate musical spectrum". Similarly, prominent music critic Robert Christgau highlighted Tucker's noisy guitar playing as well as Sawyer's controlled drumming.

Track listing


Credits are adapted from Allmusic.