Abhimanyupur, formerly known as Amin, is a village in Kurukshetra district of Haryana, India. This village is 8 kilometres from the city of Kurukshetra. This village is famous for being the site where Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna, died in the Mahabharata War. This is the site where the Kauravas arranged the deadly "chakravyuha" formation and trapped and killed Abhimanyu. This village is part of the 48 kos parikrama of Kurukshetra. This village has many sacred places associated with Hinduism. Abhimanyupur is the first village in India that has formed its own mobile app. The app is available on the .

Important Sites

Abhimanyupur Fort: There is a 10-meter high mound here that is said to be the remains of a fort that once belonged to Abhimanyu.
Aditi Kund and Aditi Temple: There is a sacred "kund" in Abhimanyupur. It is said that the goddess Aditi gave birth to Surya deva here. There is also a small temple here.
Surya Kund and Surya Temple: Next to the Aditi Kund and temple are a small kund and temple dedicated to Surya. Villagers generally deposit the "asthi kalash" of dead people in the Surya Kund. It is said that if any pregnant lady takes a bath in this holy kund and worships at the Aditi Temple, the male child will be brave.

Recent Tourism Developments/Renaming

The Abhimanyupur village is part of the 48 kos parikrama of Kurukshetra. The village used to be called Amin, which was most likely a version of the word "Abhimanyu". In October 2019, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar visited the Amin village as part of his plans to develop an organized tourism circuit of the 48 kos parikrama of Kurukshetra. During his visit, Manohar Lal Khattar renamed Amin to Abhimanyupur. He also instructed the Kurukshetra Development Board to build a grand statue of Abhimanyu fighting in battle in Abhimanyupur. He also said that Abhimanyupur would be included in the Indian government's Krishna Tourism Circuit. He instructed the Kurukshetra Development Board to develop an Abhimanyu Park, widen the road to Abhimanyupur, and build basic amenities like toilets and water facilities in Abhimanyupur and surrounding areas.

Modern amenities

The village has its own Mobile App which was developed by a Software Engineer of this village . and anyone can download it from Google Play Store for free. . There is a Haryana Government veterinary hospital to cater to the needs of the village people for quite some time. There is a school that provides education until senior secondary level. There is a stadium in the name of Mr. Sunil Chauhan. The village also has a pond that is used for pisciculture.