Take the Box

"Take the Box" is a song by English singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse from her debut studio album Frank. Released as the album's second single on 12 January 2004, it was the highest-charting single from Frank, peaking at number 57 on the UK Singles Chart.
The B-side of the single featured a cover of the jazz standard "'Round Midnight", written by Thelonious Monk.
The character in the song is in the process of discarding her former lover and leaving him, after discovering he is having an affair. The song details her acceptance of the fact that its over as she tells the lover to literally "take the box", including gifts of love he had previously given her. Within the narrative of the songs of her debut album. placed so as to indicate a storyline, "Take the Box" indicates the break-up of the relationship.
Winehouse expressed dissatisfaction with her album Frank, however, she specifically mentioned this song in an interview for its use of strings. She stated "...I think they put fake strings on 'Take the Box' but I wasn't a part of that, I would NEVER, EVER have put strings on my record, EVER. And this guy, doing the mix of this song he just didn't even think about it. Woah, I went really bitter there. Really upset, cause I hate that guy that did that."


Guitar – Jeremy Shaw
Drums – Richard Wilkinson
Horns – Timothy Hutton

Music video

A music video was produced to promote the single. It shows Winehouse working at an empty disco hall as the last guests leave she walks into the hall that is lit by many little disco balls. The scenes intercut with her in a red dress singing with her guitar and her by the empty tables and chairs looking wistfully around at the empty stage.

Track listings

  1. "Take the Box"
  2. "Round Midnight"
  3. "Stronger Than Me"
UK CD promo
  1. "Take the Box" – 3:19
UK 12" vinyl
Side A
  1. "Take the Box"
Side B
  1. "Take the Box"
UK 12" vinyl promo
Side A
  1. "Take the Box"
Side B
  1. "Take the Box"
  2. "Take the Box"