Personal assistant

A personal assistant, also referred to as personal aide or personal secretary, is a job title describing a person who assists a specific person with their daily business or personal tasks.

Duties, responsibilities and functions

An assistant helps with time and daily management, scheduling of meetings, correspondence, and note-taking. The role of a personal assistant can be varied, such as answering phone calls, taking notes, scheduling meetings, emailing, texts, etc.
In business or personal contexts, assistants are people who provide services that relieve his or her employer from the stress of tasks that are associated with managing one's personal and/or business life. They assist with a variety of life management tasks, including running errands, arranging travel, finance, and shopping.
Assistants often act as the manager's first point of contact with people from both inside and outside the organization. This means that their tasks and skills can often be divided into two fields of technical skills and personal skills.
Tasks may include but are not limited to:
In addition to supporting managers, their team and departments, many PAs also have their own personal workload and responsibilities. The scope of the PA's role can be extensive and additional duties may include:
People who cannot afford to hire their own personal assistants to run errands or answer phone calls full-time can hire a personal concierge or a part-time assistant. Most companies offer secretarial personal assistance as well as basic assistant services like research, scheduling, travel arrangements, and more. Costs of a part-time employee can end up exceeding the amount it would have cost to hire a full-time employee. Other companies charge a flat monthly fee for personal assistant services based upon the number of requests expected to be placed each month. In addition to the personal assistant services that are provided with the membership, other incentives such as local discounts, concierge services, dining recommendations, and overall knowledge and expertise may even outperform the skills of a regular personal assistant staff member. Newer personal assistant companies instead charge a monthly flat rate, which saves money.
Smaller companies—especially start-up and real estate development companies, small YouTube channels and small website owners—may desire the services of a personal assistant to manage an individual executive, or to assist in the office as the new company goes about setting up their new business. These personal assistants may develop great skills at the birth of a new company and have opportunities for advancement. Other personal assistants will have garnered valuable knowledge and experience if they choose to move into other positions.

Career development

Personal assistants in the business field can be offered positions elsewhere in the company. Some are asked to consider full-time positions elsewhere in the company, depending on the level of ambition and education required/ desired. Some employers will not see the potential for a personal assistant immediately and thus the personal assistant will remain in that position until other positions become vacant.
In more recent years, the celebrity personal assistant has been thrust into the spotlight. Many celebrity assistants have used the celebrity's exposure to create their own companies, like Madonna's former assistant.