Patti Wuthrich

Patti Wuthrich is a Canadian curler and curling coach from Gimli, Manitoba.
As a junior curler, she won the 1974 Canadian Junior Curling Championships playing second for the Chris Pidzarko rink. She won the playing lead for Cathy Pidzarko.
She competed at the 1988 Winter Olympics when curling was a demonstration sport. The Canadian women's team won the gold medal, defeating Sweden in the final.
Patti Vandekerckhove was inducted into the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame in 1986.
After retirement she began coaching teams on the national and international level, for example the team of Kerri Einarson or the Korean team of Kim Eun-jung.

Personal life

She is married to well-known Canadian ice maker Hans Wuthrich. She is currently the owner of Minerva Tree Farms.


Record as a coach of national teams

Record as a coach of club teams