Natural population growth

Natural population increase happens as people are born into a country, and decrease as people die. Rates of population growth, usually expressed as a percentage, vary greatly.
The immigrating population has increased by a huge margin in the past few years. Due to this rising trend of migration it is important that we look into how migration has affected the population, and the trends that follow with it. The countries that are to be looked into are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The Western European countries under discussion are England, Wales, France, the Netherlands, Scotland, Switzerland, and Italy from Southern Europe. During the whole conducted study it appears that six countries had negative conclusions for net migration. Every Nordic country other than Denmark, Italy, and Scotland had values that are close to zero. The countries that had a positive migrating population are Denmark, England, Wales, Netherlands, France, and Switzerland. In the early 19th century it appeared all countries had an outflow of immigrants leaving the country but in the 20th century it became a positive inflow. Due to this push and pull these countries experienced during the 21st century there was a positive flow of immigration into the countries.
Due to this increased migrating population soon countries will begin to start persuading individuals to move into a more rural area other countries because the big cities will begin to start see an overcrowding population. For example, Australia is beginning to see this overcrowding that would soon follow for other countries. Because of this Australia has begun to place a cap on the amount of citizens allowed into the bigger cities which will force citizens to live in the less populated rural areas. This idea is called the Strategic Plan which sets a cap on the amount of population that is allowed in certain cities. This is a prime example of what will happen to other countries due to the exceeding immigrant population growth they will soon start to experience. Caps will be placed on big cities and force those who are already living in the city to be moved to the rural areas.
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