In the Round

In the Round is an album by Pentangle, jointly produced by Doug Beveridge, Roger Wake, and Pentangle. It was issued in 1986 on Spindrift SPIN 120 in 1986 and on Varrick CDVR026 VR026 and CVR026 in 1990. There is a typo on the sleeve, as it credits the licence to "Jackie" McShee, not Jacqui McShee. There is also a widespread use of the name "Vanick", a mistake for "Varrick". It was reissued in 1988 on Plane CD88505. It was reissued in 2006 on Talking Elephant.
Nigel Portman Smith replaced original bassist Danny Thompson.

Track listing

  1. "Play the Game"
  2. "The Open Sea"
  3. "She Moved Through the Fair"
  4. "Set Me Free "
  5. "Come to Me Baby"
  6. "Sunday Morning Blues"
  7. "Chase That Devil Away"
  8. "The Saturday Movie"
  9. "Süil Agrar"
  10. "Circle the Moon"
  11. "Let Me Be"