Government of Montenegro

The government of Montenegro is the executive branch of state authority in Montenegro. It is headed by the prime minister. It comprises the prime minister, the deputy prime ministers as well as ministers.
Duško Marković is the current Prime Minister of Montenegro and Head of Government. The current members of the cabinet were elected on 28 November 2016 by the majority vote in the Parliament of Montenegro. The Cabinet, assembled by Candidate for the Prime Minister Duško Marković, was supported by Democratic Party of Socialists, Social Democrats, Croatian Civic Initiative, Liberal Party, Bosniak Party and Albanians Decisively.


Each minister of each ministry reports to the Prime Minister.
Composition of the 41st Government of Montenegro, elected on 28 November 2016, following the 2016 Montenegrin parliamentary elections.

Government history

List of governments of Montenegro
Assumed officePrime MinisterCompositionCabinetElection
10 November 2006Željko ŠturanovićDPS, SDP, DUAŠturanović2006
29 February 2008Milo ĐukanovićDPS, SDP, DUAĐukanović 2006
29 February 2008Milo ĐukanovićDPS, SDP, DUA, BSĐukanović 2009
29 December 2010Igor LukšićDPS, SDP, DUA, BSLukšić2009
4 December 2012Milo ĐukanovićDPS, SDP, BS, HGIĐukanović 2012
28 November 2016Duško MarkovićDPS, SD, BS, AO, HGIMarković2016