GameRankings was a video gaming review aggregator that was founded in 1999 and owned by CBS Interactive. It indexed over 315,000 articles relating to more than 14,500 video games. GameRankings was discontinued in December 2019, with its staff and older reviews being merged with the similar aggregator Metacritic.


GameRankings collected and linked to reviews from other websites and magazines and averages specific ones. While hundreds of reviews may get listed, only the ones that GameRankings deemed notable were used for the average. Scores were culled from numerous American and European sources. The site used a percentage grade for all reviews in order to be able to calculate an average. However, because not all sites use the same scoring system, GameRankings changed all other types of scores into percentages using a relatively straightforward conversion process.
When a game accumulated six total reviews, it was given a ranking compared to all other games in the database and a ranking compared to games on its console.
As of the site's closure in December 2019, the highest rated game with just one review was Sonic CD, with 100.00% which isn't on the home page.


GameRankings was shut down and redirected to Metacritic, another review aggregator, on December 9, 2019.