Enlightenment (software)

Enlightenment, also known simply as E, is a compositing window manager for the X Window System. Since version 20, Enlightenment is also a Wayland compositor. Enlightenment developers have referred to it as "the original eye-candy window manager."
Enlightenment includes functions to provide a graphical shell, and it can be used in conjunction with programs written for GNOME or KDE. When used together with the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, Enlightenment can refer to an entire desktop environment.


The first version of Enlightenment was released by Rasterman in 1997.
Version 0.17, also referred to as E17, was in development for 12 years starting in December 2000 until 21 December 2012 when it was officially released as stable. During the development period it was also referred to as DR17.
It is a complete rewrite on DR16 and was designed to be a full-fledged desktop shell, based on the new Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.
E16 itself is still in active development that runs independently of E17, reaching the 1.0 milestone in 2009.
Bodhi Linux was built around the Enlightenment 17 desktop, but forked it to create the Moksha desktop.
The current version is E24.



One of the aims of the window manager is to be as configurable as possible, and to this end, it includes customization dialogs for focus settings, window movement, resizing, grouping and placement settings, audio, multiple desktop, desktop background, pager, tooltip and autoraise settings. It also includes a special effects dialog, including a desktop 'ripple' effect.


E17 has many core features such as:
VersionCode nameRelease date
pre-alphaEnlightenment Alpha1October 1996
0.13.2DR13Jan 18th 1998
0.13.3DR13Feb 15th 1998
0.16.1DR16.1Wed Oct 27 1999 15th 2004
0.17DR17Dec 21 2012
0.18DR18Dec 22 2013
0.19DR19Sep 15 2014
0.20DR20Dec 01 2015
0.21DR21June 1 2016
0.22DR22Nov 22 2017


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