British Boxing Board of Control

The British Boxing Board of Control is the governing body of professional boxing in the United Kingdom. It was formed in 1929 from the old National Sporting Club and is headquartered in Cardiff.


The Board divides the country into seven "Area" Councils:
1. Scottish Area
2. Northern Ireland Area
3. Welsh Area
4. Northern Area
5. Central Area
6. Southern Area
7. Midlands Area
Western Area was merged with the Southern Area.

Lonsdale Belt

The Board also sanctions bouts for British boxing's most prestigious title: the Lonsdale Belt. The Lonsdale Belt is awarded to the champion of the United Kingdom in each respective weight class and to win the belt outright it must be defended against a British challenger on at least three occasions.


The Board is known for its unique scoring system. Except for title fights, the referee is the sole scorer. After the bout, the referee hands his decision to the MC and the winner is announced, the referee then raising the arm of the winner – or, in the event of a draw, both boxers' arms.