AudioCodes Ltd. is a telecommunications company. Its services enable enterprises and service providers to build and operate all-IP voice networks for unified communications, contact centers and hosted business services. Founded in 1993 by Shabtai Adlersberg and Leon Bialik, AudioCodes was listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 1999.
AudioCodes' international headquarters and R&D facilities are located in Israel, with international branch offices.

Company history

Product evolution


AudioCodes began its journey with innovative low-bit-rate speech compression technology. Its first notable success came when its speech compression algorithm was selected by the International Telecommunication Union as a basis for the ITU-T G.723.1 standard.
By 1996, AudioCodes started to build high quality voice over packet chips, before progressing into VoIP communication blades. The company then shifted its focus to higher capacity CompactPCI boards as a precursor to its entry into the gateway market.


In 2001, AudioCodes released its first analog media gateway based on existing blade and chip technology. This was followed by a family of media gateways combining analog and digital interfaces. AudioCodes then began to develop high density media gateways and media servers.
In 2004, AudioCodes acquired Ai-Logix, a leading provider of advanced voice recording technology and integration cards for the call recording and voice/data logging industries. AudioCodes used its voice over packet communications boards to leverage Ai-Logix's technology, strategic partnerships and customer base.
In 2005, AudioCodes also launched its VoIP chip for analog telephone adapters. Meanwhile, the Mediant series of media gateways achieved outstanding voice quality results in a test organized by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute.
As the decade progressed, AudioCodes continued to expand its product portfolio with session border controllers, multi-service business routers and gateways and IP phones.


In January 2013, AudioCodes launched One Voice for Microsoft Lync, which later evolved into One Voice for Microsoft 365. This is a unified product and service program intended to simplify and accelerate voice-enablement of Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business implementations. It consists of a complete portfolio of IP phones, media gateways, session border controllers and survivable branch appliances, all managed with the One Voice Operations Center network management tool. The program also includes support and complementary professional services. One Voice for Microsoft 365 enables smooth migration to Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, and co-existence with current telephony systems in multisite and multinational deployments.
In December 2015, AudioCodes introduced CloudBond™ 365, a modular solution for on-premises voice connectivity for data centers, customer premises and branch offices in Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business environments.
In February 2016, the AudioCodes Routing Manager was released. ARM enables system administrators of large and multi-site enterprise VoIP networks to manage their call routing and policy enforcement configuration in a unified logical view.
In September 2017, the company launched the VocaNom™ voice dialing solution on its 400HD series of IP phones.
In January 2018, AudioCodes established a Voice.AI business unit, blending the company's Voca speech recognition technology and SmartTAP 360° call recording solution with advanced artificial intelligence technologies to deliver conversational analytics, productivity and actionable insights for businesses.

Building partnerships

AudioCodes has partnered with a long list of companies to expand its technology reach. These partnerships include:


AudioCodes’ partnership with Microsoft began in 2003 and has since grown to see many AudioCodes products receiving the coveted Microsoft Skype for Business certification. AudioCodes attained Gold Certified Partner status in 2008.
AudioCodes has continuously expanded the number of products available as part of the One Voice for Microsoft 365 solution. These products include the 400HD series of IP phones, the Mediant family of session border controllers, media gateways, CloudBond 365 and the SmartTAP call recording application. Management tools include the One Voice Operations Center and the User Management Pack™ 365.
In March 2018, AudioCodes expanded its product range to support Microsoft Teams. These products included the C450HD native Teams IP phone, direct routing SBC capabilities, enhancements to SmartTAP and expanded user management solutions.


AudioCodes entered the call center telecommunications market in 2003 with VoiceGenie, which was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent-owned Genesys in 2006.
In 2011 it was named as a vendor in the Genesys SIP Select program specifically for its Mediant 1000 and Mediant 2000 gateway products which provide the interface between the PSTN and Genesys SIP Server. In 2012, AudioCodes’ Mediant 3000 E-SBC achieved certification from AT&T for SIP trunking with Genesys-powered contact centers and full certification for its session border controllers. In 2016, AudioCodes and Genesys further expanded their strategic partnership to offer a complete solution to integrate all the necessary components for allowing quick and easy migration to an all-IP contact center.


and AudioCodes teamed up in 2006 to help service providers streamline VoIP service delivery. By 2009, they had launched a strategic initiative to simplify the deployment of IP voice networks.
In 2014 BroadSoft and AudioCodes announced that they were collaborating on the One Voice for Hosted Services solution. This initiative paired BroadSoft's unified communication services with AudioCodes' session border controllers, gateways and IP phones.


AudioCodes’ network of partners currently includes over 1000 resellers covering more than 100 countries. 66 of the world's top 100 service providers use AudioCodes technology, including AT&T, Verizon, BT, DT and Telefónica. AudioCodes is ranked among the world's top vendors for session border controllers.


AudioCodes provides a variety of solutions for unified communications platforms under the One Voice brand, including One Voice for Microsoft 365, One Voice for BroadSoft and the One Voice Operations Center. Additionally, the company offers holistic solutions for enterprise UC and PBX, contact centers, service provider environments and network function virtualization environments.
AudioCodes provides a variety of solutions, including: