The Girl Can't Help It (song)

"The Girl Can't Help It" is the title song to the film The Girl Can't Help It, with words and music by songwriter Bobby Troup. It was performed by Little Richard and was released in December 1956. In the US, the song peaked at No. 49 on the Billboard Top 100 singles chart and No. 7 on the R&B Best Sellers Chart. Overseas, "The Girl Can't Help It" peaked at No. 9 in the UK Singles Chart. It was included on the Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time at No. 413. Originally, Fats Domino was lined up to record the track, which was not written as a rock song.

Cover versions

covered it on both their US debut album The Animals, on MGM Records and their UK debut album also called The Animals, on Columbia in 1964. In 1965 by The Everly Brothers, in 1969 by The Flamin' Groovies, in 1970 by Led Zeppelin, in 1975 by Mick Ronson, and in 2001 by Babes in Toyland.
American singer Fergie sampled the song for her 2007 single "Clumsy" and the cover by LMFAO.
The song was also used in commercials for Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The advertising slogan was "You just can't help chewing".
A gender-reversed version, "The Boy Can't Help It", appears on Bonnie Raitt's 1979 album The Glow.