Tamarisk, East Lansing, Michigan

Tamarisk is the name of a neighborhood in the city of East Lansing, Michigan. It was constructed during the 1960s. Tamarisk's current population is approximately 350. The neighborhood is bordered by Harrison Avenue to the west, Lake Lansing Road to the north, Riveria Avenue to the east, and Tamarisk Drive to the south.
Tamarisk includes a public park called Tamarisk Park. It has a basketball court, a soccer field, swings, slides, and a volleyball court. The size of the park is.
Tamarisk's entrance is located approximately south of the intersection of Harrison Avenue and Lake Lansing Road.
Construction in Tamarisk neighborhood was started in 1964-65 and the first 2 houses were occupied by December 1966. All neighborhood houses were completed and occupied by 1970.