Sky Sport (New Zealand)

Sky Sport is a group of sports-oriented television channels operated by New Zealand's satellite pay-TV company, Sky.


Sky Sport 1 is the original Sky Television sport channel in New Zealand. It was first introduced in 1990 as Sky Sport on the Sky UHF service. When Sky Sport began it operated between the hours of noon and around midnight, and occasionally screened live sports events outside these hours. By mid-1991, Sky Sport commenced 24-hour, seven-day-a-week broadcasting with a direct feed of ESPN at certain times during the week.
A sister channel, Sky Sport 2 was launched in 1997 when Sky introduced a nationwide analogue direct broadcasting via satellite service, followed by a third channel, Sky Sport 3 in 2003 and Sky Sport 4 in 2013.
On 1 August 2019, Sky launched five more Sky Sport channels, numbered from 5 to 9. Additionally all the channels were be re-aligned to be sport-specific, and a Sky Sport News channel was launched providing the latest news and updates from across all sports. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic in New Zealand, the Sky Sport News channel was rebranded as Sky Sport Select, a combination of sports news and general sporting coverage.


Ten main channels comprise the Sky Sport service
050Sky Sport SelectA mix of sports news supplied by simulcasts of Sky and Fox Sports News and general sport coverage.
051Sky Sport 124/7 rugby union coverage.
052Sky Sport 224/7 cricket coverage.
053Sky Sport 3Netball coverage and a mix of other sports.
054Sky Sport 4Rugby league coverage and a mix of other sports.
055Sky Sport 5Motorsport coverage and a mix of other sports. Includes content from Red Bull TV.
056Sky Sport 624/7 golf coverage.
057Sky Sport 7 beIN Sports24/7 association football coverage.
058Sky Sport 824/7 Olympic Games coverage.
059Sky Sport 9General sport coverage.

All Sky Sport channels are broadcast in 1080i high-definition.

Pop-up channels

Additional Sky Sport channels are launched in order to broadcast major events such as the Australian Tennis Open and Olympics Games.

Sky Sport Now

On 14 August 2019, Sky launched Sky Sport Now, featuring online live streams for all 10 Sky Sport channels, highlights, on demand, match statistics and points tables. Three passes are available for purchase: a week pass, a month pass and a 12-month Pass. Pay-Per-View events can be purchased separately when they become available. Sky Sport Now is available via internet browsers as well as on iOS, Android and PlayStation 4 devices.

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